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Anyone have suggestions on pizza delivery? I live in Bogenhausen/Herzogpark (81925) and Donatoes doesn't deliver over here. We're having terrible luck on delivery over here, but perhaps that's just the downside of where we live. I think most places that deliver to Haidhausen also deliver here. Any recommendations very greatly appreciated.

Well, picking up a Gelbe Seiten (Yellow Pages) and looking up "pizza service" might be your best bet. Most ads list where they deliver to.

Just had a pizza delivered on Sunday night. Delivery was prompt, it was tasty with lots of topping, but a little too greasy. Avanti. They have a cool website too, but I ordered by phone.

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you put in your post code and it gives you a list of pizza places that will deliver to that area.

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I tried, but none of the ones who came up don't sound familiar to me.

Does anyone know a good Pizza delivery (or chinese) for the City centre?

I love Call a Pizza. I think they have the best Pizza (at least the one in Ungererstrasse) and I would to order from there, but apparantly they don't deliver in the centre

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Call A Pizza is great! They use to have a "NY special" with BBQ sauce. They were delicious.
Hi BarbieJane,

I live in Johanneskirchen and we use a pizzeria called Pizza La Bella. It's actually located opposite HL Markt in Englschalking but does your area too.

Tel No - 93 30 01
Can't find a website on the flyer.

It has tasty pizzas (for my taste, I don't like thick, doughy ones).

If you have web access where you are in Bogenhausen, I always use Pizzabitte

You put in your postcode and it lists the 8 pizzerias nearest to you. The selection is good and the food usually arrives in 30 min.
I live in that area as well and would recommend Dr. Oetke "Ofenfrische" Pizza any day before ordering any dial-a-pizza. By the time dail-a-pizzas get to you they are soggy and only slightly warm and you never know how good they will be.

I always keep a couple of the "Ofenfrische" in the freezer (by far the best frozen pizzas and better than anything delivered to date)

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YorkshireLad6 also lets you search for a Pizza delivery (as well as other delivery/takeaway) services in your area, by Postleitzahl... You can even use their service when on the hoof - by WAP -


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I prefer Wagner - the base is crunchier and crisper and less greasy than Dr Oetker.

Sure, let's have a pizza evening! Casa Mia in Johanneskirchen is pretty good...

Those PLZ search engines don't seem to work for me, they suggest maybe 3 which are 10-15 mins away and not local at all!
i like Hallo Pizza... i think they deliver to bogenhausen...
then choose the one in münchen ost.. .
they r kinda expensive tho but good.. i really like the pan pizzas and the pizza brötchen (the plain ones)

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it sucks that they dont take AMEX. wish I could call Domino's
heh dominos is so bad that its actually good. had it for the first time this past winter (maybe the 2nd time, don't remember) but yea it was a big thing when they finally built one near me and when i say near me its still nto all that close considering that they wouldnt deliver it all the way to my house, we had to meet them at the gas station. stupid dominos
I could recommend Pronto Pizza, you can actually order online. I have used them twice and both time the pizza was there in less than 20 minutes and tasted great.

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@ UrbanAngel: yeah Casa Mia is pretty good for Pizza (it is also cheaper than most of the other Italians in the area!)
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