Nude bathing in lakes and outdoor swimming pools - Berlin

Or is nudity only allowed at indoor pools/saunas?

Hi guys im new to this forum so forgive me if this has already been answered elsewhere. Also please forgive my lack of knowledge about the German Culture but I have lived in the UK all me life and only travelled outside it for the first time 18 months ago!

Anyway I am planning a holiday to Berlin around Easter time and whilst I am there would like to get some swimming in as I find it a great way to relax - I have also heard that Berlin has some of the best Saunas in the world so will probably check one out whilst I am there. As one who has been involved with naturism in the UK I fully understand and appreciate German (and probably European) culture in not allowing swim suits to be worn in showers and saunas but from my research on google have been unable to find anything that answers the following questions - Is nude bathing permitted outdoors? As one who enjoys the true freedom that comes from being naked I am keen to ensure I am on the right side of the law before travelling out. My question is therefore mainly centred around nude bathing in the outdoor lakes but I also wonder if there are any outdoor pools that allow or even expect nudity? The only other question I have concerns nude swimming in mainstream pools - Is this allowed as a general rule of thumb or do you have to make sure you are going to a specifically naked swim session - and in that respect can anyone recommend a good pool in the South East of the city?

I appreciate your help guys.

Unless you are amphibian, it will be too chilly for frolicking in the nude outdoors in Germany at Easter time.
Nah is fine - dont forget to be a naturist in the UK means that you have to be able to withstand fairly cold water/air temperature combinations - in fact other club members have often looked at me and called me crazy for being naked in temperatures they themselves would not think about! I appreciate the advice tho and it is something to bear in mind of course so thanks for your reply
most of the outdoor lakes have FKK beaches, where it is mostly if not all naked. Some FKK beaches even have a beer garden, which is a rare sight! I would check with the pool in question before you strip off though.
ohmigawd, the fkk beer garden at mueggelsee was so amazing. but, please, i never want to see you naked again this winter!
it is a total must see. but please don't be shy!!
i mean, we all took our shirts off ... that was enough for me. so difficult for this lily, white-assed bitch to take his shirt off and show some chestage and buttage. still recovering.
don't remind me!!
Back on topic...
Most, if not all, of the lakes I have been to around Munich have an FKK area. It is usually a little further away from where the kiddies hang out. You just need to take a look/walk around and see where they are.

I did the FKK thing in Croatia a couple of summers ago and it was really nice because it was so freaking hot. We went to the FKK beach and just floated around on air mattresses in the water for hours on end. I loved it.
Mik Dickinson
I have heard that the Englisher Garten in M√ľnich does participate in the natural scene
On topic? As far as I know, the topic is Berlin...

Here is a list
of all the outdoor swimming areas. marked with "fkk" are the real outdoor swimming pools (aka paying entrance) where FKK is (partially) allowed.
especially known for fkk at free swimming areas are the Teufelssee and a place shortly before the "bammelecke".

Indoors fkk is not common, but some of the swimming pools have special hours for naked swimming.
After hours (i.e. around midnight) at the lakes you will encounter lots of al naturale bathers. Just find a safe place for your housekey.
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