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My worry is that Germany is becoming too mixed

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Pardon me for getting into this topic that isn't politicaly correct but it worries me to know that so many different cultures and races are settling in Germany. I am an American and about 80% German in my ancestry and feel an ethnic connection to my ancestral homeland(Germany). But when so many non Germans start to feel that Germany is their home it makes me nervous. In the old days to be a German one had to be of teutonic racial background but they changed that after WW2. What people must realize is that just contact between different races causes an identity loss in the majority race. I can speak with some authority on this topic because I have lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco, San Diego, and Pittsburgh and in all my experiences I saw neighborhoods change in ways that their identity became lost as different races moved in. What Germans must realize is that there is a point where it becomes too late to turn back and retrieve your identity again. It doesn't matter if those different cultures moving in learn the German language or not because the language is only a surface condition for acceptance but racial characteristics are different between races and it isn't a matter of acceptance because one race can't become another race no matter how hard they try. Anyway, you get the point that I am making. I wonder how many Germans have the same concern.
Germans are just a bunch of immigrants over the centuries, your perception of fixed culture is wrong.

I'm Mexican/Polish/Spanish/something and my daughters are little blond things and French/Swiss/Mexican/Polish, etc... so I say "bull" to your idea of race purity.
unbelievable. It wasn't enough to have a homophobic rant thread today, now we have a neo-nazi rant?

Dude, you don't even live here. This is a forum for English speaking expats. We are the "foreigners" settling in Germany. If you want to know how many Germans share your concern, learn their language and go post your bollocks on one of their forums.
hahhaa surely he's taking the piss, or totally ignorant of shite disguised as 'words' coming out of his ass (disguised as mouth).
You are a Republican aren't you?
Royal gender bender, me thinks you've been bounced around a few correctional institutions. Somehow, you've stumbled onto the TT forum with expectations of finding some aryan soulmate. None to be found here, I doubt even the German TT contras will bite.
I am an American and about 80% German in my ancestry and feel an ethnic connection to my ancestral homeland(Germany). But when so many non Germans start to feel that Germany is their home it makes me nervous.
Hahaa ... funniest thing on the forum in a while. I suppose you feel much the same way the Native Americans felt when your ancestors arrived in America, oder?
Why is it beyond all nationalists/racists comprehension that the goal they would like to achieve was but a snapshot in history and that races have always mixed and moved on. The white race as we know it today will have disappeared in a few hundred years unless you want to go hideout in the Amazon jungle.

Humans in general are scared of change and right- and leftwing folks are no exception.
Are you scared of other things that are similar in relation? Do you fear the future? Cause your entitled to your opinions but I have to laugh because you can't do anything to stop progress.
Bell the cat
utter and total tosh. The village I came from in Scotland was racially pure enough to make your pips squeak but it was a den of narrowminded paranoid bigotry. It was a huge relief to move to cities in Scotland with mixed European and ex-Empire populations alongside the Scots. It did nothing whatsoever to diminish our Scottishness. If anything it enhanced it. But it also introduced a diversity and cultural heterogeneity to society that was constantly interesting.

Fortunately, most Germans with the OPs kind of views fled to Brazil (or it would seem in his case the USA) leaving a society that is at the same time welcoming to outsiders but still quintessentially German (or down here Bavarian)
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.


now I know: some crazy scientist invented the time machine. finally we have original bullshit from 60 yrs. ago.
What's interesting is that OP isn't even 100% German, so he'd be a mixed breed of "immigrant" here too...
Vanroyal, sorry to disappoint you, but Germans don't even use the word 'race' anymore (except when talking about cat and dog breeds). It has a very unpleasant ring to my ears, for obvious historical reasons. In Europe, there is a sometimes exaggerated awareness of cultural differences even between neighboring people (and the relationship between locals and immigrants isn't free of any problems, but to an extent this is normal). The most violent recent conflicts broke out between people of the same ethnic roots (see Balkan wars).

You may also have heard that scientists found a larger genetic spectrum within the 'races' than between them.
Bell the cat
I wonder how many Germans have the same concern.
you would be better asking this question in an Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD chatroom
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