Tattoo artists in and around Wiesbaden

Info and personal recommendations


Anyone know of a good tattoo artist in or near Wiesbaden, preferably English speaking? A friend of mine recommended one in Offenbach called Skin Art but wondered if there were any others.

i'd recommend spaƟfaktor negativ in hattersheim. you can reach hattersheim by train (about 15 minutes) or car (about 10 minutes)
Daves Tattoos...above the McDonalds near Konstablerwoche in Frankfurt. I think it is Zeil 70 or something.

Run by a good friend of mine, does amazing work.
Its like you guys read my mind, I was just wondering about this today!!!

The website for Spassfaktor has some real good work on it. I will have to look them up.

Going to Wiesbaden for a tattoo mission very decent quality work.. Will be there may 1st-29th..if ur wanting some body art done... Im ur guy!
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