Catholic church services in Bremen

Info on where does these in English

Can anyone let me know if there is any Catholic Church in Bremen which has services in English.
If so then please send me the contact details.
I have just found a service in English at St. Johann Church. This church is in the middle of the Schnoor! Their next mass is April 19th at 16:00. I believe that they have English masses every other week.

Thanks a lot for the info, I was not able to make it up last time. But will attend this weekend. Will you be there this weekend.
You can also use to find listings. They usually specify if Mass is offered in another language.

EDIT: I don't know if this is the same one as mentioned above, but it does have a listing for being in English:
I will not be able to make it this week, as I am going out of town for the long weekend. I hope to make it to the English mass the next time.

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