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Inexpensive BVG models for kids

My son loves riding the S-Bahn, and I'd like to find him a toy S-Bahn train. Just something cheap, nothing fancy. However, I can't seem to find one anywhere. At the BVG place at Bahnhof Zoo they had buses and streetcars, but no S-Bahn. I've checked the toy sections at Woolworth and Karstadt, and a gazillion different Berlin souvenir stores, all to no avail. The only ones I've found are not for kids, but for toy train hobbyists (and, thus, are very expensive). Anyone have any ideas?

The BVG doesn't run the S-Bahn - although the BVG and S-Bahn co-operate in the VBB* tariff area, the S-Bahn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, the national railway.

There are S-Bahn Customer Service points as well as BVG ones -


and a 2-coach model S-Bahn train (according to the same website) is available at their online shop:


Might be worth popping into one of the service points to see if you can get the train over the counter. However, at 59€, I would think that it's for railway enthusiasts, not for kids.

* = Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg - the regional public transport authority.
Something else - if you go to the S-Bahn website and click on S-Bahn Erleben, there's a bit with a "virtual journey" which could be quite fun for a little 'un. (Was for me, anyway ) When the train arrives, click on "Jetzt einsteigen und S-Bahn Erleben" at the bottom of the screen. There are screensavers and other games as well.


Another possibility is the S-Bahn museum at Griebnitzsee station in Zone C on line S7 to Potsdam. It's run by volunteers, so isn't open very often - (April-November every second weekend) but they have an S-Bahn driving simulator there - great fun for kids.


For grown-ups <<cough>> there are interesting bits and pieces as well, including some of the old station-signs from the days of German Division - what's now Hackescher Markt was then Marx-Engels Platz. In addition, there are working exhibits of the signalling system outside the museum.
You could also take him on the scenic S bahn - it runs 3 times a day on Saturday and also Sunday with special glass carriage and does a loop of Berlin - you get to see loads of the sites


We also went to the S Bahn open day in Wedding recently - a friend wanted to go, it sounded a bit annoraky but we went and it was really interesting - they had all these S bahn carriages being repaired and hanging in the air about 6 metres up, also a collection of old S Bahns dating back decades. Plus they gave away a load of stuff - old signs, crazy yellow footballs and there was a ton of stalls with games for kids, also you could ride on old buses and there was a stage with loads of music.

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roco (Roman and Company) sells replica ET 423's (the main Sbahn train type in Germany, particularly Munich):

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sorry, just reread the OP and realise you are not looking for hobbyist type trains.
Thanks for the suggestions, folks. 59 Euros is more than I want to spend for a toy that he'll likely beat up over time, but I'll keep looking to see if there's a cheaper option in a toy store somewhere. Thanks for the tips on fun S-Bahn related things to do with him!
Was at Lichtenberg station yesterday.

On the lower level is a railway bookshop. They had some flat-pack self-assembly cardboard models of trams, buses and S-Bahn trains...but Hamburg S-Bahn trains, not Berlin ones. Again, probably wouldn't last very long in the hands of a little 'un - but authentic at least. Was in a hurry so didn't check prices.

Outside the bookshop is a model railway. Shove in a 50-cent coin for 6 train movements, 1 € for 14. There was a family there - I think Mum and Dad had more fun sending the trains around the track than the kid. Seems you can choose to run an ICE, a freight and a couple of other categories - but no S-Bahn.

But it's a thought. Oh, and by the way, another reason to visit Lichtenberg might be the whisk(e)y shop opposite the main entrance


Picture of model railway below.

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You don't need to go to Lichtenberg for that - try Loxx - it's a huge railway setup with everything from street scenes to an airport, it's very good and it definitely has S-Bahns. It's in the Alexa shopping centre on the special kids' top level

Thanks for the additional suggestions - I'll check LOXX next time I take our son to Kindercity.
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