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me and my husband are in germany since last june. we are both from india. he works at the university as post doc researcher. just found out i am 2 months pregnant. our insurance company does not cover pregnancy. i know we didnt really plan it well but does anyone know of any insurance company that will cover already pregnant women? any information will be most appreciated.
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Does that mean you have a private health insurance policy and looking for another private health policy? If you do manage to find a company that covers you after becoming pregnant, they will certainly want to be compensated by charging much higher premium rates.
This probably sounds dumb, but I didn't think that was something that an insurance company could NOT cover??
I better go read my policy!
I would be surprised if a post doc researcher earns sufficient to qualify for private medical insurance...
Good point. But that would mean that she is covered after all, wouldn't it? (I mean: The public plan covers it automatically, right?)
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possibly the OP is not paying German healthcare but using a foreign insurance policy for their temporary stay.
As someone who worked in Univ. labs in the USA, I find it very odd that a post-doc (or spouse) wouldn't be covered for pregnancy... Your husband should have a long talk with the PI (principal investigator). This ought to be covered.
I thought it is mandatory since Jan.1, 2009 to have local health insurance coverage? Not so?
As someone who worked in Univ. labs in the USA, I find it very odd that a post-doc (or spouse) wouldn't be covered for pregnancy... Your husband should have a long talk with the PI (principal investigator). This ought to be covered.
Yep. Employees of German universities normally have a standard work contract just like an employee of a private company, and are Sozialversicherungspflichtig, i.e. contribute to a public health insurer with standard terms (as HEM pointed out, they do not normally earn enough to qualify for private health insurance). Unless he is not an employee but on a stipend or grant or whatever.
He is very likely paid from a grant. That's why this may need to be negotiated... actually, it should have been before he took the job.
As a foreign post doc from the Max Planck Society, I can confirm that we only receive tax-free stipend. We have to find our own health insurance and yes it is usually private and from overseas companies.
Let's stop speculating. The OP needs to let us know what sort of insurance they hold at the moment.

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okay, so read all of the smallprint and double-check that it isn´t covered.
If not, is it worth contacting your country´s embassy here for information?
Or can you pay extra to your insurance company to cover costs?
Also, find out what costs you are likely to incurr - you could probably cover them yourselves at a push.
Lots of health care policies used by migrants in Germany are far from comprehensive. They cover critical / catastrophic stuff that's expensive and can be treated(really accidents, cancer and stuff like heart attacks) but exclude chronic conditions, pregnancy and day to day stuff. In return, the premium is obviously far cheaper.

Can you insure against something that's actually happened? I thought many private companies routinely exclude known risks based on current / past events? Maybe you just have to accept the risk you chose to run and fork out the actual cost.
lilies: since January you can always apply with a private German health insurance for the "Basis" tarif which is the tarif that is not allowed to ask for pre-existing health conditions (or pregnancy for that matter). So, yes, you can get coverage - BUT: this tarif will be quite expensive, probably around 400-500 EUR/month. It will cover all the approved check-ups during pregnancy as well as childbirth in hospital and of course treatment afterwards. Since even a "normal" pregnancy and childbirth will run up a total bill of 6-7 thousand EUR, you would still be better of with this than without. Even more so, if there would be any complications during the pregnancy or birth.

a normal private health insurance will not accept you once the pregnancy has been determined. Are you only assuming to be pregnant or have you already had a check with your doctor/gynaecologist? There might be some leeway if you have not left a papertrail at German doctors yet...

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