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Hey all, wanted to get some more German knowledge under my belt and wanted to know what everyone is watching in terms of "true-german" tv shows. Not re-dubbed for example scubs from english to german.

Any good recommendations?

Also what are good german comedy shows - like "Verstehen Sie Spass" or normal comedy shows like scrubs etc.

Thank you very much!

Editor Bob
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The only show I've seen that I found funny since I've been here is called "Switch" or maybe it`s "Switch reloaded"

that's piss-taking like I never thought germans were capable of.
- Bernd das Brot

- Switch Reloaded (But if you are a PC do not watch it, you might not like a sketch about Hitler surviving the WW2 and working as the boss in an office)

- Tatort (not comedy and very hated, but still good)
Nisha Coco
Stromberg has to be the funniest thing I have seen in German. Kind of like the english series "The Office". Some people may find it offensive, but I like the humour.
Owain Glyndwr
that would be because they blatantly ripped off the Office format, for which they were sued by Ricky Gervais and had to settle with an undisclosed sum of money
I used to watch a lot of krimis like Tatort, Polizeiruf 110, SOKO, Bull von Tolz et al, some of the short serials (Traumschiff etc) and a lot of one-off dramas. Don't mind the cable reality shows either - DSDS, Supermodel etc.

If it's in part for German learning, then make sure you watch stuff you are genuinely interested in too as it can be easier if you can hook in to stuff. That's mainly sport in my case so I watch Sportschau, international football, winter sports and other big sports events on ZDF and ARD. The news channels (NTV, N24) can also be useful for picking up common terms particularly as they have ticker texts as well as speech.
Nisha Coco
didn't know that, no wonder they stopped showing it. Should have known it was too good to be true! Subsequently it means there are no german tv shows I think are worth watching.
Owain Glyndwr
they were allowed to continue production but had to mention the original creators in the credits and also pay them and the BBC a substantial amount of money.
One of the funniest shows I have watched on German tv was "Dr. Psycho" with Christian Ulmen. Unfortunately it isn't running anymore, but well worth getting out on DVD. "Bulle von Tolz" is also worth watching.

I hardly watch German tv, a lot of it is rubbish. One good thing about tv here though, is that they don't have ad breaks every five minutes or so like in NZ and OZ (don't know what it's like elsewhere).
- Switch Reloaded (But if you are a PC do not watch it, you might not like a sketch about Hitler working during WW2 as the boss in "The Office")
Fixed that for you!
Actually it's a parody on the already mentioned "Stromberg".
Hence it's called Obersalzberg

Back to topic:
RTL currently is repeating "Mein Leben und ich" on Saturday mornings.
While inspired by "My So-called Life", it is not a drama, but really one of the best (if not the best) comedy series ever produced in germany.
My wife swears by "Rote Rosen". Okay, it's a soap. She can watch / listen to it in the background while doing other things. It's all about immersion and reptition. Granted, the storylines are, well, "soapy". On the other hand the writers/actors portray realistic social and personal situations and use appropriate language and behaviors for the situaitons. The themes also reflect many current events and topics in German society. My wife's German has improved tremendously. So she not only learns the vocabulary and sentences but also learns when to use them in the approriate social setting (family, friends, business associates, etc.).

Also helpful is listening to the radio (any station or type of music you prefer) and reading newspapers and magazines. Again, my wife enjoys the local newspaper and "hipper" magazines like "Neo" as well as the classical news mags like "Focus", "Spiegel" and "Stern".

I have been living in Germany for 30 years now. I used the same devices I recommended to my wife. My German is almost "native speaker" level. So I know these things work.

pw johnson
It's all crap...especially during the day.

I will stick with cartoons in the morning with my daughter, after that we turn it off.
A new German comedy series that's actually funny: Klimawechsel.
Lady Kracher is funny although I haven't seen it on at its usual Friday 21:15pm
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