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Can anyone recomend an english speaking GP in the Wiesbaden area?

was wondering if you managed to find one in Wiesbaden area? Since I need to explain certain medical history to the doctor, it might not be appropiate to speak to a german one with my level of command. Appreciate your reply and looking forward to it soon!

I've been using Dr. Gisela Cyran, Neugasse 11, 527332...flawless English...
Many thanks for the information. I will check for the numbers and make my appointment!
That was the number (0611) 527332!
Oh.. Thanks once again.. Didn't realized that was the number. I was thinking it was the zip code.

I still got lots to learn..
Hi can you help please with some advice on how to find a doctor in Germany. How do you register with one? Can you just arrive at their surgery and register no matter where you live or do you have to go to a local one?

Also are all doctors working for themselves or do some work privately and some for the public health insurance system?

Thanks a lot, Robin
You can make an appointment with any GP you like anywhere in Germany and you can also change doctors if you're not happy. There are some that only take privatly insured patients but most will take public.
Hi thanks for the advice on finding a doctor.

If you are looking for a specialist such as an Endocrinologist do you have to be referred to one by a doctor or can you find one yourself directly?

Thanks, Robin
It depends on the specialist. I know you can go to a gynecologist, ENT or opthamologist without a referal, but I think you'd need one to see an endocrinologist. Once you have a referal you're free to make an appointment with any specialist in that specific category during that quarter.
Can anyone please recommend a good English-speaking GP in Wiesbaden? I'd prefer a female doctor.

I saw Dr. Gisela Cyran, Neugasse 11 (recommended above) but that didn't work out too well. First time I saw her and all seemed good. When I came back for the second appointment, I was ushered in to a stranger: a female doctor who didn't speak a word of English. Nor did reception staff. So I was left guessing where Dr Gisela Cyran was and whether this happened often and if I should make another appointment with her or what was going on. The new doctor sent me off for a brace of unnecessary tests (really odd!), most likely because she didn't understand my concerns.

Following another Toytown tip, I just had my husband contact Dr Sheila de Liz on my behalf, but reception staff say she doesn't take new patients.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd be most grateful.
I'm surprised Dr Sheila de Liz's receptionist told you that, Lillypilly, in view of this most recently posted info from Dr de Liz herself:

Hi There!

I am an american Ob/Gyn in Wiesbaden, I have many american patients. Check out my ad on Toytown, if you like, simply email me and I´ll have my assitant contact you for scheduling.
Good luck with the move to Wiesbaden!

Dr de Liz
You may want to call her receptionist back and suggest they might like to inform the Dr of their policy so she herself can avoid giving out information which conflicts with that policy in future.*

Future readers may also find additional, or supplemental, information on this thread: Need Doctors Wiesbaden, Heidelburg, or Frankfurt



ETA: *It would probably be as effective, and more likely to avoid the risk of putting the receptionist's nose out of joint, to email Dr de Liz and ask her to please instruct her assistant to schedule an appointment. I would recommend you mention you are confused by the inconsistency of her TT posting and what your husband was told by her receptionist.
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