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Getting accepting into LMU in Munich

To anyone whom can answers this question,

I'm currently living in Munich as an au pair. I'm also learning German full time. I have a BS in International Studies and would like to do the Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education Masters at LMU, all taught in English. I went to an American Uni and graduated with a B+ average. Does anyone know what my chances are of getting into the program? I'm worried because I know German colleges have higher standards. Does anyone have experience with getting into english masters programs at LMU?

Thanks for any help,

If you're already in Munich, your best bet is probably to talk to the Admissions office at LMU yourself. I'm sure you'll get opinions here, but they probably won't give you an accurate idea of what your chances actually are.

For example, everyone I talked to said I should be able to get into a certain program at Universität Tübingen. After all, my college marks from Canada were stellar. It was only after speaking directly with admissions that I found out because I studied science in Canada, I was not eligible to study humanities here. However, that was for degrees in German. I don't know how things differ since the program is directed toward English speakers.

Talk to someone directly at LMU, and do what they tell you, to get your admissions sorted out.

Best of luck!
Thank you. I will go to the Uni and talk to them:)
Hey swensoma, I am actually applying to that exact program this fall (well applications are due in June) and I was wondering if you eventually did get into the program, or what your experience was?
Joy from Baku
Mandylion, let me ask the same question to you!
I have applied for the Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education at LMU, but I am in the waiting list.
Sure, I am looking forward to get an admission so as it is my big dream to study this area of psychology.
I wonder who are 2010-2011 students and potential students?
Joy from Baku
Mandylion, I did it! I am in! Last week I got an admission letter! So, see you in October Hope, we will be friends
Congratulations to all my future groupmates
Hello friends,

I am epsa katahra from India.
I am really in a dilemma so as to select universities in germany.
I want to pursue MS in Mechatronics. Please guide me as i am so baffled and don't know much about the living there.
Please suggest me with your valuable advices.
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