Resetting an IBM laptop to factory settings

How to do this

I have a 5 year old IBM Thinkpad T40p (Pre Lenovo) XP Pro that really needs a reset to speed it up.

Pressing the Blue Button at boot brings up the Factory Restore option direct from a partition. Choosing it boots into windows 98 text mode with some options.

I presume that I will not be asked for any CD at any stage of the process. Can anyone confirm that this will completely restore from the partition?
I am not familiar with this particular IBM model or any other special IBM stuff. But normally during bootup, most computers will go to the BIOS by hitting F2 or F11, where there should be a System Default / Reset option.
Yes. That is what I described above. But having never gone through with it before, and as its a "no going back" situation, I am hesitant to go ahaead.
My T40 uses F1 to get into BIOS. Then reset and save. If you want to completely restore the Notebook, you will need the IBM restore CD. This link should tell you how to use the system recover and / or create CD's.
Thanks for the link. I had looked there but it is unclear:

Recover your system with the hard drive service partition. This new form of recovery allows the user to restore the preloaded operating system and software on the machine back to the original out of factory condition. The service partition can be accessed by pressing the Access ThinkPad button during startup.
It makes no mention of a CD. Hmmm.
You boot into the sevice partition in order to access the "Restore and Recovery" software there. If you want to reset the laptop back to its factory default then you first have to create the recovery media - this is also an option of Restore and Recovery, but this should be run from a running system. These CDs or DVD will then be required during the restore itself.
I can now confirm that it does not need any CD or DVD or anything.
I took the plunge in the end. I pressed the blue button. I chose Reset PC to factory settings. And it did it all automatically. Format HD, install XP, add correct drivers.
A nice clean new fast XP PC. It just needed Windows upgrade to SP2 and SP3 and it was ready to go. It took a bit more than 1 hour.
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