Berlin's best drum shops

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Hey, I'm an experienced drummer recently moved to Berlin. Does anyone have any advice on where is good to shop in the drumming world?

I play a 4 piece DW set up with a mix of Zildjian cymbals from Avedis to K-Customs, I like to be able to try before I buy.

Thankyou in advance.

Hey man!

I'm a drummer too (without a drum kit and band ...)

Anyhow, the the kulturbrauerei:

Good luck!
Thanks. Look forward to getting over there in the next few days.

I don't know much about drums, but there's a pretty new drum shop near the corner of Schönleinstrasse/Urbanstrasse (Kreuzberg, U-Hermannplatz or U-Schönleinstrasse).
i would like to find a shop in berlin with a selection of imported tribal/shamanistic instruments. any recommendations appreciated.
Ref. Tribal...That's a tricky one. There is a guy on the Boxhagner fleamarket you should speak to... he will know and you can't miss him.
Well I _think_ I walked past a drum shop on Pariser Strasse yesterday. Might want to go have a look if you're in City West?
i found a link to glockenladen in mitte.
there is a cool video on this site. at about 12:20 he starts playing one of the instruments that i am interested in.
percussion is somewhat non-existent in europe... however, if you dont feel like dealing with REAL professionals from LoneStar, InnovativePercussion, etc. (mail order), then you will have to be patient with the local shops that know less about percussive arts than a 3rd grader.
I play guitar (less and less) but the shop on Pariserstr is well equipped. They have Just Guitars, Just Drums and Just Music (sheet music).

Just Drums & Percussion Pariser Str. 9 - Wilmersdorf
@jonathan & ramon -

Drummers with no band??? tasty ...

are you looking? any special music direction?

I play lead, rhythm, pedal steel guitar, banjo, and have pretty open music tastes. I currently play the steel guitar in some rockabilly and country bands. But I like jazz, funk, soul, whatever. I have a day job but music is a passionate hobby.

I'd love to get a band together and play out. If interested, let me know.
for anyone interested --- i found a nice little percussion shop in kreuzberg --- it's called puls, and it's on grafestrasse 4. they have a better selection of percussion than sound & drum kulturbraueri, the prices seem reasonable, and the guys working there are super cool. no hang drums but some other more affordable alternatives.
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