Sugar with a bad smell - Germany

Is it spoiled or just another German oddity?

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southern belle
Ok, this is a strange issue for me. I have been baking cookies a lot lately and today I opened my sugar to bake some more and the sugar had a rancid smell. There is nothing about the sugar that looks bad and the texture is unchanged. It smelled fine (normal) a couple of days ago. I keep it in an airtight container and have never ever had this problem in the US. I have been in Germany for a few months now and this is the second time I have had this problem. I thought for a minute that I was just crazy so I started my recipe - creaming sugar with butter... and the consistency was all wrong so I am suspicious that the sugar is bad and therefore the chemistry of how all the ingredients go together does not work. I did an online search and apparently sugar is not supposed to spoil, but two bad batches of sugar in just a couple of months makes my wonder what is going on.

So, if anyone knows something about German sugar that makes it different or likely to spoil I would welcome the information.
Tell us what is written on the packet...

You havn't got hold of Gelierzucker have you?
I've never had that problem. Is the container the same one you've been using all along? Could there be some odour leaching out if it? Sugar absorbs odours easily so maybe it was improperly stored at the supermarket before you even got it home.
southern belle
Sorry, don't know what the package says I put in my container and threw out the bag. But, I can tell you that I think was just standard sugar. It said Zucker on the bag and the store had more of it that anything else so I am assuming it was standard sugar to cooking, baking etc.
I dare you to taste it.
southern belle
does not taste bad, just smells bad
Did you keep anything smelly in the container before the sugar? Sometimes containtrers take the smell from its contents and sometimes that's hard to get rid off even when washing it often.
Janx Spirit
Na, it's Auslanderzucker, it has special funny-smell agents to provoke tedious internet board chat on slow days.
southern belle
nope been storing sugar in the container for over 10 years, maybe I should buy a new container.
Was it at all damp? Because when sugar gets damp it starts fermenting. It won't hurt you (if it's really "working" you might get drunk) but when I was in Guyana, the good sugar was all exported, and all we had to eat was the damp smelly stuff. Same with thing with the rice.
Just what I was thinking HEM, it sounds like sugar with Pectin in it, (for making jam).
southern belle
Ok, I just want basic sugar. If there was pectin in it perhaps that was the problem. I am going to the store tonight, what "type" of sugar should I be looking for? Is sugar as complicated as the flour is in Germany.
There are indeed loads of sugar as you can see here, but I think what you want is ordinary Fein Zucker. That's what I always buy.
Just what I was thinking HEM, it sounds like sugar with Pectin in it, (for making jam).
@ southern belle - If you're baking something really fancy such as meringue or sponge go for "Feinster Zucker". It's very small-grained and light.

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