Any online toy stores in Germany in English

For someone back home to buy presents here

I've been asked if there are any online shops, preferably in Germany, that sells toys. The problem is that this person is ordering the Christmas gifts from Canada and the website needs to be in English. The goal is to keep the shipping costs down. I found sites like but the shipping is not that cheap. I've checked toy stores like Toys r Us and Baby Walz and also department stores like Karstadt and Kaufhof, and catalog stores like Neckermann and Quelle, but nothing in English.
There's They have a help section in English that might be useful. You might want to put together a wishlist, to save your friend some effort.
Baby Markt

try here - they deliver quickly too.
Thanks for the great tips! A wishlist is a good idea and Baby Markt even has free shipping if spending more than 20Euros!
Toymaster has 2 suggestions:

2. this site is also in english.

A bit late perhaps but a friend in Spain recommended this website to me
Toys for big boys (and girls)

I want one of those
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