Places that serve Thanksgiving dinner - Berlin

Tips on bars and restaurants that do this

A friend and I will be in Berlin over Thanksgiving and are looking for a good place to get an American Thanksgiving dinner.

If anyone knows of a bar, restaurant, place where we can get something like this, please post it on here.

I don't know if anyone would be gracious enough to let us eat Turkey Dinner with them, but we are two friendly (guy and gal, 18 and 22), that would love to be apart of the tradition even this far away from the USA. It would be a fun opportunity to meet some new faces in Berlin.

Thank you. :)

Happy (early) Thanksgiving Everyone!
This is a list from last year, but, maybe it will be helpful...have a ggood one!
I spent a lot of time looking on the web, here are some places. I'm sure there are more, but this should get you started

Marriott Hotel - Midtown Grill Restaurant, Thanksgiving Buffet: 55EUR
Joy Restaurant, Prenzlauerberg, 15EUR
Hard Rock Cafe, charlottenberg, 25EUR?
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If you haven't already eaten your turkey...this link gives some tips :
Thanksgiving Dinner in Berlin - Saturday, November 28th, 2009

For the 7th year the American Church in Berlin presents a special combination of a dinner and concert. First enjoy a family-style traditional Thanksgiving Dinner prepared to perfection by our own Dinner Team. The dinner includes homemade pumpkin soup and roasted turkey complete with all the trimmings! After treating your taste buds, you can feast your ears on select musical morsels from classical to contemporary, instrumental and vocal: Opera, Gospel, Christian contemporary, Soul, Jazz and more.

The benefit will be held on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 at 18 hrs. The concert will follow the dinner immediately. Reservations are required. The reservation deadline in November 10th!

To make a reservation by e-Mail send your e-mail to[at] . You may also call or fax the event line at 03212-332 332 1. This is a regular phone call (from 2,9cts/min, from a German land line) Your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours.
More info:

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Berlin!
TOP!!! 2010 suggestions?
The American Church is holding a Thanksgiving dinner again this year. But it says the deadline for dinner reservations is November 15. Check this link for details.

ACB Thanksgiving 2010
I am heading to Little Otik because I had a couple of great meals there. Lots of local ingredients, relaxed vibe, run by a New Yorker. According to this they have turkey-themed food next week. American Church had terrible food last year so I'm not going back!
Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin is having Thanksgiving on the menu on 25 November 2010 (Available from 11:30am to 11:30pm.) Price : 26 EUR

Site here :
I just want a HUGE plate of stuffing...ok maybe some punkin pie too...
Belushi's Bar
Hey Guys,

If you are still looking for somewhere to grab a Thanksgiving roast, we will be offering a German twist for under 10 Euros and of course we'll also have the NFL games live! It's two for one cocktails from 8pm as well so feel free to drop in and celebrate the season for giving with other likeminded locals!

Cheers, The Belushi's Crew.
Reviving this thread and asking a new question -- anyone know of a vegetarian Thanksgiving option in Berlin? YEah, I know, it's quite specific, but I lived in Beijing this time last year and there was actually a vegan Thanksgiving option.... so I thought I'd ask!
Jeana Marie
Dear All,
I work at the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin and I am very fond of our Thanksgiving Dinner, and do it every year myself.
I also know at the American Church they serve Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 28th. I end up usually doing both.

We at the Hard Rock charge ca. 26,00 Euros for a complete 3 course meal with drink. Of course, you do not have to do the 3-course option.

Please call me if you would like a reservation. We fill up pretty quick.

Jeana Kunkel
Hard Rock Cafe Berlin
030 884 6218
The American Church is holding a Thanksgiving dinner again this year. But it says the deadline for dinner reservations is November 15. Check this link for details.

ACB Thanksgiving 2010
I plan to go to this. The deadline has been extended. It is a euro less than the Hard Rock and the money goes to good causes!
Belushi's Bar
Hey Guys,

We will once again have our NFL Thanksgiving this year.

We'll have a roast turkey dinner for €10 and we'll also have turkey fillet burgers for those who want to mix things up a little.

We'll have the NFL live with English commentary from 7pm with Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
and @ 10pm we've got Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

Happy Hour runs until 10pm and there's sure to be a decent crowd in to celebrate the festive season with a few Gluhweins!

Happy Thanksgiving guys - we hope to see you on Thursday.

Cheers, The Belushi's Crew.
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