German women have great bodies

Is it all the bike riding or what?

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Anyone else noticed that German women have great bodies? I think the sexiest thing to observe on my way to work is a german woman riding her bicycle, even if covered from head to toe in the winter.
I've never seen so much diversity in the way girls look as in germany. too bad personalities don't match the bodies. i find german girls boring and overly complicated.

but back to the bodies... fantastisch
ja genau..a little homely looking and aloof, but anatomically pleasing for the most part. I'm just wondering if this is due to a physical upbringing, East German sports medicine techniques, my drooling desires running wild, master race DNA...??
I am going to have to agree with you guys on the subject:
A lot of German women have great bodies.

Sadly, A LOT are stricken with the "Butterface Disease."
There is clearly more daily physical activity like riding those Wicked Witch of the West bikes with the underinflated tires to work.

They also appear to eat much more sensibly.

It's also generally socially unacceptable for women to drink like fish to the degree I've observed in other cultures (they leave that to the men). I've yet to see german hen parties ending badly out on the street.

The great unspoken is that tons of them are on the "smoke yourself thin" plan.
Speaking as a woman myself, I think it is to do with (1) the population being taller, particularly in the SW area where those in, say, Stuttgart, seem like giants to little ol' me who is "average" UK female height and (2) the body proportion is also different and in particular, legs are longer. Never noticed when you sit in a group and you are all seem to be the same height and, when you stand up, they are suddenly all a good four inches taller?

A lot of German women have fantastic, very enviable, legs.
Upon meeting my (future) german wife, my grandmother pulled me aside and said sotto voce "marry for legs/ankles alone".

If I'd have told her 'I've traveled forward in time and actually live across the ocean in a 50% tax regieme and we'll miss your 95th birthday" she might've said "well, then, marry your last dumpy american girlfriend'!
I've got to admit. I have seen some very attractive German women. Nice hair, nice face, nice breasts, but no ass.
Talking about great legs, I've never seen better than the actress' in Wings of Desire. Just re-watched it last night for the first time since 1087. LoL. I was a deeper person then than I am now.

Yes, I am deeply envious of all the tall women with long legs in Germany. Highly unfair to us dumpy Americans! At 5' 6" I am shorter than average by at least two-three inches, it seems.
Indeed. That's the UK average I mentioned and that extra few inches is all leg .
Nice hair, nice face, nice breasts, but no ass.
"No ass" is an investment in the future! "Big oaks from little acorns grow" ... so if you start with an "acorn" you'll likely get a reasonably-sized "oak" by middle age ... and then you'll keel over and she can start up with those with lower standards
What?! Haha, this is the complete opposite from what I've seen. All my German girlfriends have absolutely no chest, skinny tiny waists, and some serious junk in the trunk. Honestly, no one has a better ass than them. (But they are a lot taller).

I'll go away and stop being such a creeper now.
Yeah, I saw a hot chick riding a bike once. That is until I got in front of her and realized she could have been my grandmother. Oh, the pain of that experience. Scarred me for life it did.
Expaticus, excellent point.
To hell with the krampfadern, it's what is on top what counts
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