Chicken interiors and their plastic bag

I cooked the plastic, I'm an eejit

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While I'm reasonably proficient with pasta, risotto, polenta, vegetables, fish, I eat relatively little meat, so I am not familiar with the way chickens are packaged here.
Saturday I bought a frozen chicken from Aldi; it was marked as "mit Innereien", which is ok with me, I don't mind eating the heart or the little kidneys.
The packaging did not mention anything special. In particular, it did not mention that the interiors were in a plastic bag, which had been stuffed back into the poor bird's ass.
After roasting the chicken and starting to carve, I saw the problem: the damn plastic bag.
It did not appear to have significantly melted, but still I quarantined the meat as plastic heated at 180C can be really nasty.

Did this happen to others? How toxic could the meat be? As much as I hate to waste food, I'm inclined to get rid of it.

At any rate, a warning: look up the bird's ass before roasting it.

I needed a laugh, thanks!
You cooked the giblets inside the chicken?

Sorry, shouldn't laugh but it is funny.
You aren't alone. I know someone else who roasted the chicken with the heart and kidneys in a bag. I think theirs was waxed paper, but no one was keen to eat them either. I would have thrown out the plastic bird bits as well.
Thanks for the reminder. That's just the kind of thing I would do. I once forgot to add water to boil-in-the-bag rice...
There is a thread dedicated to Culinary Catastrophes for those who want to laugh and share.
I would have thrown out the plastic bird bits as well.
Ah, that for sure. What I am debating is whether I should throw out the whole chicken or not.
Oh the chicken? No, I wouldn't have thrown that out, but I'm cheap like that. Maybe just avoided the base the bag was sitting on.
Did this happen to others?

How toxic could the meat be? As much as I hate to waste food, I'm inclined to get rid of it.
Chuck it out and chalk it up to experience. You don't want to be eating chicken infused with plastic fumes.
It has happened to me, I cooked a turkey for the first christmas with my in laws. Stuck my arms all the way up to look for the giblets but either my arm is small or the bird was huge that I didn't find them. At first I was miffed that my husband carved in the kitchen, wanting to show off and all that, then I was greatful when he called me in. We did not tell anyone about it, and no-one complained.

Actually I have never been asked again to do a Christmas Dinner,

But I did throw the bag away.
180°C isn't a problem for that plastic. Eat. You can even cut up the heart, liver and gizzard that were in there and bung 'em with some juices into a pan to make gravy. You won't die.

I would not follow bad dog's advice... better safe than sorry. Sling it. Chicken from Aldi? 5 Euro?
I would not follow bad dog's advice...
Because you have so much more experience than I in professional and home cooking as well as food science and plastics. Muppet. Let me guess: you throw food away the day the label says it's "expired", dontcha?

... better safe than sorry.
Sorry about what? As a wee bitty child you ate everything including plastic, turds and bugs! And what the fuck do you think a pacifier is made of?

Sums that up nicely it does.
My [German] husband still thinks you must discard food *exactly* on the expiration date... regardless of how many times I try to discuss bacteria, mold, etc with him. sigh!
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