Tax-free shopping at Dubai Airport

What's available, luggage allowances, etc.

I travelling to india from germany through Dubai.. I heard i can buy some tax free items in dubai airport but i have no idea what are the things i can buy there. I also heard it is not possible to buy perfume in the dubai to take with hand luggage is it true ?.. is anybody knows anything your reply's are always welcome...
Dubai International Airport
I bought perfume there to bring back to Germany. You can buy gold jewellery by the weight - bit glitzy but if you like that sort of thing. Some pieces are a bit less bling. Spent lots of time trawling around, as one time I had 17 hrs between flights, and another 23 hrs!! No other option but it was a bit exhausting. Did get to know the duty free shops quite well though.
Seems like a better question is: "What CAN'T be bought at the Duty Free in Dubai?".
I didn't think there was a very good selection of electrical type stuff - ie cameras, laptops, sort of "Dixons/Currys" type stuff.
Do any of you have experience buying 22k gold at Dubai duty free shopping? Is the gold rate there cheaper when compared to india? is it advisable to buy gold at ddf shopping?

thanks in advance
Buying Gold at Dubai
- Please be informed that the Gold price is not the standard trading price for that day. Its Duty (or Dubai wide) decided price
- Since they do not take any extra making charges and all, they cannot sell it at the trading price for the day
- If you want to buy, then buy a finished Good, so that even spending more on the gold you will satisfied with the quality (compared to India)
- Dont think of buying bars and getting items done at some of your known places in India. Even though you know them and what ever quality bar you give them they mix it up. So the purity will be down.
- And dont expect any ornaments (specially complex one's) to be 24 Karat. The metal cannot be in a fixed format at 24 karat.

Other options
- You can buy gold bars in German banks. (Price you get according to the day trading price with some minimal commission)
- For ornaments you do not have sufficient models

Hope the above details help.

- Gold is completely tax free (So you do not pay the VAT)
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