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Can anyone recommend an English-speaking veterinarian in Munich?

I don't know if Neufahn is too far out of town for you, but we have a vet that we use there who speaks good English. In fact nearly all of the vets there do to a greater or lesser extent.

Tierärztliche Klinik
Dres. Skorski & Wittmann
Kirchenstr. 21
85375 Neufahrn

Tel:- 08165/61044
Monday - Friday 11-13 hrs and 16-19 hrs
Saturday and Sunday 11-13 hrs

The dog is going under the knife to have some glands removed from his neck - they keep swelling up to the size of a fist!!!
I love beans!
For anyone who needs it:

Dr. Barbara Gack
80639 München
Hirschgartenallee 1
Nymphenburg 17 65 38

Weird hours, though:
Mo, Mi, Do 10-11
Mo, Mi, Do, Fr 16-18

I haven't tried or called yet, neighbor gave it to me.
Doctors Maul and Koller in Bogenhausen are outstanding vets, all three of the doctors at the firm speak English, their fees are certainly reasonable, and they have 24 hour emergency service.


Buschingstrasse 4
(089) 910 777 28

U-Bahn accessable.

I can't recommend them enough.

-- Avery
I concur with SZ_Editor...they are great vets.
Doctors Maul and Koller in Bogenhausen are outstanding vets
I completely second this recommendation. We take our 9 month old German Shepherd here and they are WONDERFUL. They know the problem just looking at her before we have to tell them anything and speak great English. Very friendly too. Kymba (our dog) always gets so excited when she knows we're going there and runs straight to their, practically pulling me over.
Thank you Toytowner's for directing me Tierartz Muenchen!

We lost a cat in March and it was an awful expericene. Hopi suffered much more that she should have due to a Vetrinarian that fails to communicate with his patient's People. Her sister, Holly has been getting sicker by the day. She stopped eating last week and it so skinny it's sad to watch. We think she is suffering from depression from the loss of her best friend. I was not going to take her to the vet that treated Hopi and did a search on Toytown.

Buschingstraße 4
in Bogenhaused
(089) 910 777 28

We just got home. Holly had a miraculous recovery while at the vet., but seriously. I have to agree with all of the Toytowner's that recommende Dr's Koller and Maul!!!
If you want somewhere central, Dr Lerchl in the Fraunhoferstrasse near the U bahn loos after my pussy "Bärli" very well.
I agree with everyone about Drs. Koller and Maul. They're great. I found a previous recommendation for them on this very website and brought my kitty to them. They're really friendly and definitely knowledgeable. I'll certainly continue taking her back there.
definitely agree! The mini-pup has been there three times (and behaved admirably).
I second, third, fourth?!? that recommendation. I brought my 16 year-old cat over with me from Canada when I came over in November. She is in renal failure (has been for two years) and has to have fluid intraveneous treatments every two weeks to assist her kidney function. We located an English-speaking vet in Trudering when we first arrived...she was nice enough...but since we live in Bogenhausen...the commute was horrible and scary for Mollie.

However, we found Drs. Koller and Maul (and don't forget Dr. Herget!) on Buschingstrasse and now we have a standing appointment every two weeks. They are already ready and expecting us when we go in. The staff is friendly, patient and understanding. Prices are very reasonable as well.
That's one thing I think is a bit strange over here. They don't seem to like the idea of normal people giving intravenous fluids to their own animals. My kitty, who just arrived from California via my visiting mama six months ago, is 18 years old and also in renal failure and periodically requires fluids. When I told the Dr. that I had some fluids left over from California, she sounded pretty shocked at the concept of people giving them to their own animals. I dunno, maybe I just think it's normal, because I lived with several SPCA workers...
Hey - we go to Dr Stefan Lerchl too!!

He was the vet for Zelda (Burmese cat) her whole life (she died when she was 22!) and is now the vet for my cat Gilly who's just been sterilized poor thing.

Not sure about rates-wise, but he's certainly cheaper than my doctor!

Stefan Lerchl
Fraunhoferstraße 13, 80469 München
Telefon: 089 / 2 60 42 92, Telefax: 089 / 2 60 42 98

He's closed Thursdays but he makes appointments outside of his Sprechstunden whenever you want really, he's friendly and speaks English (accented though).

Urban Angel

I too can vouch for Dr. Koller. She speaks fluent English and was fantastic with our cat Holly.
They are Cookie's vet as well. Just ask for the Pet Passport when you go. They will set everything up for you.
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