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We are relocating to the Munich area after the first of the year. Given where work will be, having a dog, not being to far outside of Munich, etc., we are looking between Munich and Freising. We are considering towns such as Freising, Neufahrn, Eching, and Erding. Any general thoughts on these towns or others we might consider.
Hi - I live north of the city centre as my husband works in Hallbergmoos near the airport but can only really advise on where I live in Unterfoehring which is quiet but does have a few restaurants/shops, is close to S-bahn (S8 to airport 20 mins or to the city 20 mins) and has a lovely lake - Feringasee for the dog! Just down the road is another town, Ismaning (or 1 stop further on the S8) - this has a bit more going on and still plenty of places to take a dog for a walk.

These might not be the exact areas you were looking at but hope it helps anyway - I certainly appreciate it can be difficult finding somewhere when you don't know the area yourself!

Good luck!
Unterschleissheim is convenient. We live in a small village that is part of Unterschleissheim but about 3km from the Sbahns in Unter and Oberschleissheim. It's quick to get to town, quick to the airport, quick to the highways - all of them.
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When my ex worked at the ABC in Hallbergmoos we lived in Johanneskirchen as I worked in the city, so for me it was 20 mins by SBahn and for him roughly the same or a bit less but then he had a bit of a bus journey to the ABC. J-kirchen was ok but it depends what you're looking for really (see thread above).
I work around Neufahrn, and it's duller than an accountants convention.
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We live in Dachau, and i love it here, it's a very pretty little town but big enough that you're not bored...i work in Munich and my husband in OberschleiƟheim, it's only about 15 minutes on S2 to munich, but i rarely go to the city (except work and the odd night out) but we have bars, pubs, and the odd club here too..there are some lovely restuarants and beer gardens, lots of shopping facilities and pretty much everything really, we also have a 2 year old and it's lovely here for children.

Good luck wherever you decide on.
We live in Hohenkammer..and its pretty nice here... but not practical without a car... however..if you do have a car, there is a train station 7 minutes away and there are sbahns that will take you into Munich in like 40 minutes, or there are regular commuter trains that will get you there in 15min which is really great. For groceries, there a few stores 5 min away,a nd for other things, Pfaffenhofen isn;t far away, and neither is Freising and Eching.

Aaannnd... housing is pretty darn cheap here...its also a great place for dogs (I guess thats why every other house has one!!)...lots of field paths and what not to walk along.
Erding is really nice town, a few restaurants/cafes brewery hospital theatre cinema bowling indoor/outdoor swimming pool therme erding. lots of festivals and events enough shops for day to day living a s bahn S2 to munich around a 45min journey, we have lived there since April.
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And not to mention an Irish pub and another one which is a Scots,English,German pub.
i lived in both freising and dachau for a summer each, and would choose dachau, for me. dachau is only 20 minutes away by S-bahn from munich city centre, whereas freising is an hour. if you are, like i was, going into the city every day, then dachau is miles better. those hour long trips (plus time getting to and from station) were not the most inspirational after a while. dachau, 20 mins, brilliant. from what i saw, both dachau and freising are quite nice towns, but maybe others can give you more info about that.
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Were you walking between Freising and Munich? The DB trains take 25 minutes, so I'm not sure what you were doing wrong...
It doesn't take an hour to get to Munich from Freising. The S-bahn takes 45 minutes and the real train takes 30 minutes. By car it can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on traffic, but this applies to Dachau as well. Freising has the big advantage that it's very handy for the airport, only 17 minutes by bus, less in a car. Dachau is, however a nice place too and has the big advantage that the beer is very cheap at the annual volksfest!
hey small town boy, yeah man i should have realised walking wasnt the way to go...but seriously, from my own personal experience, dachau is far easier than freising. maybe it is only 45 mins but it felt like an hour, compared to dachau's 20 mins by s-bahn it was a trek as opposed to a dash. all i remember is that the days were so long while i was living in freising - you can ask any of the guys i was there with they'll agree - and part of that was two trips in and back from munich of, ok, 45 mins every day. dachau only took 20 - nothing - and with the DB trains only 10 i think. the only reason why i'm promoting dachau here is that it was far better for me! also the DB trains don't come that often so unless you want to be hanging around waiting for the train then you'll be taking the S-Bahn's.

also unless you will be flying a lot, which could very well be possible, i wouldn't choose freising just because it is close to the airport. like i said, the distance brings disadvantages too. dachau is not in the city and feels as separated as freising but is much quicker to get to.

dachau is also a lovely town, with some beautiful tree-lined avenues, but freising is quite nice too. the best thing i would recommend would be to try see all the places you are thinking about moving to, obviously!
We moved to Dachau at the end of last year and are happy here.
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