Snuff snorting world championships - Germany

Took place in Bavaria earlier this month

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The World Snuff Snorting Championships took place on October 4 in the town of Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria.

In such competitions, contestants are given five grams of snuff tobacco each.

They have to snort as much as possible within 60 seconds.

The contestant leaving the the least amount of unsnorted tobacco is the winner.

This year 324 men und 48 women took part (minimum age: 18 years).

Germans won both the male and female categories.

Photo from: Schmalzlerfreunde - Markt Erlbach
A former contender enjoying his snuff. Before and after picture provided to show how enjoyable a hobby it can be:

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I could win that, but then I would be sneezing for the next month at least!
One has to wonder just what went through the mind of first person who tried this ... and liked it.

The same could be said for the one who let this stuff rest between cheek and gum ... yum.
Well, this has nothing to do with snuff snorting, but seeing the picture of Hitler above made me remember this great art&media-project by some students, who merged a story of Polt about a leasing-contract gone sour with Hitlers Kristallpalast-Rede-pictures. If you know enough German/Bavarian, it is soooooo funny

that Polt clip is my favourite Intenet video of all time!!
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