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Info on shops that sell the liquid

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I am an American trying to make French toast. I went to two grocery stores [Rewe and Edeka] and could not find the familiar bottle of vanilla extract.

Two questions:
Does anyone know a major store that sells vanilla extract?

I bought three sticks of vanilla. Does anyone know how I can use these to give vanilla flavoring to the batter?

Thank you.

Here's a thread about it:

Natural vanilla extract

I am currently making my own, but that takes time. You could split a bean and put the seeds into your batter... save all pods and soak them in vodka or rum to make extract.
I saw a programme once where Jamie Oliver said he was making "proper" vanilla sugar for his mum. Whizzed up whole vanilla pods (think about 3 or 4) together with sugar in the blender, I think he left it a while, then sifted it all to take out the big pieces. Anything that went through the sieve was fine. Looks slightly speckledy (it looks slightly like the bourbon vanilla sugar that you can buy here) but I have done it and it does taste good. Otherwise I bring real vanilla extract back with me when I go to the UK.
You can also just leave a split vanilla pod in a jar of sugar for several days the sugar will gradually take on the aroma. Or you can go to Edeka and buy the Dr. Oetker stuff in the little packets...

I stock up on vanilla extract when I'm 'back home' too.

You can find a reasonable range of vanilla extract/essences etc at REAL stores.


Good luck!
Isn't vanilla extract sold in the cake section in little vials? Or is that only vials of flavoring? I only vaguely looked at the stuff so I'm not sure if it's extract or not. Maybe the Turkish shops? They seem to have everything the German stores don't have.
The stuff in the vials isn't the same as the vanilla extract that you would buy in N. America/UK. It seems to be a sort oil with vanilla aroma added to it and I don't care for the flavour or consistency at all. Germans mostly use vanilla sugar in their baking so I guess there's not much demand for pure vanilla extract although I think it tastes much better.
Did you stock up on vanilla extract at Save-On when you were back? I've still got two full bottles of the stuff.
Oh yes! Two lovely bottles in my cupboard and they usually last for ages.
Its probably not the cheapest way to get it but i have it shipped from the states because the Aroma stuff just doesnt work. Plus, how can anyone live without some old fashion cookies with the real stuff.
Money is no object when it comes to old fashioned cookies!
I stock up on vanilla extract when I'm 'back home' too.
I'm told that the local "Reformhaus" has vanilla essence. However I intend to stock up on a 24 hour visit to UK at the end of this month (plus a Christmas pudding).
Am glad this thread popped up when it did. My mom comes next week and I have added a bottle of vanilla extract to the list I sent her
@mjm792 I order very good vanilla extract from Roel's Delikatessen. They sell on ebay and are based in the NL.
Good to know about the vials being oily flavoring. There must be some easier ways to get it. I also usually "stock up" when I'm home, that and cream of tartar for snickerdoodles. Oh! hey! the spice museum should have it! And it's a nice place to visit. 3euros to get in, and you get a vocabulary lesson in spices (everything is in German/English) and you can stock up on some spices and extracts.
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