Getting licensed as a non-EU doctor in Germany

The "Zuwanderungsgesetz" new from 2004

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the doctor
Hi there,

I am glad to join the posts. This is my first, and already a hot topic...I really need you help.

I came in Frankfurt in August 2003 as a graduated M.D. from Macedonia, to work in the University Clinic. Soon, I realized that I can not be given a licence from the proper authorities since I (Macedonia) am not from the EU. So I have been working as a research fellow untill now. Recently, I was offered a job (assistentarzt) - which I was aiming at since I came here - but, for which I must get a licence (berufserlaubnis).

The old law was too resprictive for a non-EU doctors like me. The only way for a doctors coming from outside of the EU to get medical licence in Germany was to a. get married to german woman/man, b. get a german passport in meantime, or c. get asylum in Germany. None of them is a valid option for me.

Now, there is the new "Zuwanderungsgesetz" which (in section 19) provides chances for a highly qualified specialists and experts to be given all necessary papers (including licences) if a german institution has absolute need for this expert. This is my only "theoretical" chance in my eyes. I got a layer for help, but did not do anything so far (3 months). How do I get to win this fight?

My questions are:
1. How to pull this thing out? It looks very loose...
2. What institutions to talk to?
3. Anyone with a similar experience?

Any comments?

Please help...

Thank you very much

The doctor
Well, I am not quite sure that the new Zuwanderungsgesetz covers it it for the doctors, I think it is more for engeneers, etc. but it is possible. You have to consult another lawyer because for Ausländerrecht you really have to get the best one.

I have heard of Dr. Gallus (he is the best in Munich for this type of law. Just give it a try
Perhaps this is a naive reply - but why not contact whichever office issues the Berufserlaubnis and find out exactly what they need - presumably confirmation from the future employer that they require your specific services and then ask the latter to provide this, or, approach other clinics and ask about working for them.
I work with a dentist that trained in Ukraine, and it took her a few years of living here to get her AssistantÄrtz license... she has that now 2years, and may go for her regular license due to the new rules, she is not married to a German and still has her Ukrainian passport, I am not sure exactly all that steps she took to do it, but it is possible, especially if you have a practice willing to take you on as an Assistantärtz.
even i have a similar problem, i finished medicine from India and is trying to work as a doctor and study further ,but i don't know if the Indian medical degree is recognized in Germany and if i can start as an assistant doctor,what are the criteria is should fulfill to do that.please help me .i am stuck in bonn
Hi Everybody,
So i'm GP and coming from Macedonia.I'm in a procedure for getting "Beruferlaubnis"or in a simple words i'm gain to get Hospitation or at least Approbation in some Department of the Hospitals in NRW.But i can not understand couple of things:
1.How long takes my equivalency(Gleichwertigkeit) of the Papers from the Faculty in Macedonia?
2.Can somebody tell me how it possible to take an a Hospitation for three months and what that means( can i work or i can just see?
3.Is it really 6 months Innere Medizin and 6 months Chirurgie for Approbation , and this "Gleichwertigkeit " takes so long until i take my Berufrlaubnis?
4.As i know from the politic of some Bundeslander in Germany some of Auslandische Doctors already works in an Hospital without Berufrlaubnis, or i'm just lying myself that is like that?
5 .I have 18 months validity for working as a Doctor but this means that in that time i will have title Assistensarzt or i'll just be on side and watching?

Can somebody have answer to me!
Best Regards
Noone works anywhere without a Berufserlaubnis or an Approbation. Without it you are in effect not a doctor but someone who has graduated from a faculty of medicine. The Berufserlaubnis is being phased out in favour of fully Approbiert candidates.

Topic of foreign doctors has been extensively discussed. Check these threads Pakistani doctors in Thüringen and Getting medical registration in Germany . Your first step with a non EU degree is to see if it is recognised in Germany. For this check Anabin. All the others come afterwards. Periods required to make your degree equivalent to a german one are not counted towards a speciality.

Furthermore a Hospitation is another way to call an internship for doctors, and has nothing to do with the Approbation which is the German medical licence. During the time of the Hospitation, you cannot work on patients if you are not approbiert or have a berufserlaubnis. You can only watch.

I really suggest polishing your German skills.
Thanks for back answer!
Now I have one more question!
What is valid for B2 sprach Deutsch kurs to have on the end valid B2 from Telc or Goethe or it doesn't matter, because currently I'm in a special course for medicine but it's not from Telc or Goethe! Is this valid on the end or not!
Best regards
It is not enough that you pass a B2 course, you also need a B2 exam. Furthermore, if you want to increase your chances of finding a job (and more importantly want to be able to communicate with your patients), you should continue with German lessons.
Understandable it is that if i'm writing about B2 course on the end i should make it an exam!!!
The question was about the schools who have Internal Prufung exams -
So i will continue with my writing if Somebody can understand me :
Must the Prufung(exam) be:"" from the Telc oder Goethe?..or it can goes with schools with internal Prufung?""
Vielen Dank
No, an internal exam is not sufficient. You'd need to pass an independent exam such as Telc or GI (although some places might also accept TestDaF).
Nachweis der allgemeinen deutschen Sprachkenntnisse, nachgewiesen durch
Prüfungszeugnisse, die zumindest den Anforderungen der Stufe B2 des
„Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen“ GER) oder:
""""" einem gleichwertigen Sprachniveau entsprechen, Teilnahmebestätigungen reichen nicht aus""""?
Declare me please, because i'm just reading this and, if my German language is not enough, than maybe someone can do!So it stays about exam not only course, and nowhere stays telc oder Goethe!
Nachweis der allgemeinen deutschen Sprachkenntnisse, nachgewiesen durch
Prüfungszeugnisse, die zumindest den Anforderungen der Stufe B2 des
„Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen“ GER) oder:
""""" einem gleichwertigen Sprachniveau entsprechen, Teilnahmebestätigungen reichen nicht aus""""?
hi Blazo

this is what that means...

Evidence of general linguistic knowledge of German proven by means of a testing certificate that meets at least the requirements of stage B2 of the Common European Frame of Reference (GER) or: [a testing certificate] corresponding to an equivalent linguistic standard - Proof of participation is not sufficient

However, anyone who is struggling to understand this level of German is probably not yet capable of passing the B1 test leave alone B2.

Without intending to cause offense I have to say, that unless one takes time to mentally correct your errors, your English is extremely difficult, even for a native speaker, to follow. I would not wish to even try explaining my symptoms to a doctor who used this level of English (or German) and I certainly would not have confidence in their ability to understand me.

Good luck with your studies

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