How to forcibly open your own bicycle lock - Berlin

Ideas on freeing a locked bike without keys etc.

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I had a hole in my purse last week and managed to lose my keys to my bike (along with my ipod : ) Anyway, my bike is now securely chained with my 50 EUR lock at the Schönhauseralle Arkaden (not the U-kind, but the super heavy chain). Could anyone help or advise me on how to free it? I don't think a hacksaw is going to cut it (both literally and figuratively).
There's a few threads already on this subject. Try reading the tips on this thread: How to open a bike lock after losing your keys.
I've already read the threads and a hacksaw won't work for this type of lock. I was looking more for alternatives, affordable locksmiths, or physical help.
could you maybe go to the store where you bought the lock and ask their advice?

I had the bike shop open my lock last year ( key broke off in the lock and I couldnt get it open) but this was a cheap lock, not that sturdy.
Get a plastic BIC pen it has the be weak sort place you can get one for 10 cent that will open that sort of lock. place it in the lock push hard an mead sure all the weak plastic fits in the holes then turn holding the pressure and the lock will open.
Thanks for the help. After trying the pen, I broke down and bought a hacksaw. It took 45 minutes. Advice. Whenever you buy a bike lock, WRITE DOWN THE SERIAL NUMBER of the key and put the spare somewhere safe. However, if anyone ever needs a hacksaw...
Hi, my bike is chained to a post in Prenzlauerberg. When I tried to unlock it the key snapped off in the lock...I managed to get the broken part out but there is no spare key (it's not my bike and the owners are in Zurich, and no there isn't one they can send me). I have the broken key bits so I can prove that it's under my care...

It's one of those coiled bike chains...not super thick. Does anyone have a set of bolt cutters they could loan me for 5 minutes? Would cutting through it with a hacksaw take ages? I'm a small girl with not the strongest arms. I'm not really up for spending 40euro+ on new bolt cutters - I'm only in town for a few months.

I went to a couple bike stores and they weren't much help given that I couldn't bring the bike into the shop.

Any other suggestions on what else I could do to free my bike would be so appreciated - thanks!

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Hope it's not naive to suggest the Police should be able to help, directly or indirectly.
if you still have both halves of the key i would suggest

option 1: going into a tv repair shop, or something similar and ask them to solder the pieces back together. might not be strong enough.

option 2: get two pieces of thin, but sturdy strips of metal about 1 cm long. slip the inside part of the key all the way in. slip the two strips on either side. get a pliers and squeeze the two strips together. turn

option 3: go to a locksmith and see if he can make a copy of the key with the broken halves

option 4: not care

option 5: get drunk and consider option 4

all the best,

Mister Minit and most of the other keymakers can cut you a new key if you have both parts of the broken key. Not cheap (around €10-15) but no more than the cost of a particular TTer who's sure to add a post on this thread offering to show up with his flex grinder for around the same amount. Others here tend to help out for at most the promise of a beer at the next TT meet.

coiled bike chain, do you mean a threaded wire cable?

those are actually super easy to saw through with a metal file. my mate lost his key in kreuzberg and we went into the elephanten bar, and the barfrau let us root through the keller for some files. his lock was pretty thick, about as thick as a sausage, and we sawed through in about 10 mins. use some snips to get through the plastic first, and saw it in one direction (pulling) and you'll be out in no time.
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Any bike shops near by? You could try explaining your predicament e.g. show them the broken key. They may let you loan a pair of cutters to free the bike.

Before anyone says this is a waste of time or wont happen, a few years back I did exactly this and a bike shop close to the station kindly let me borrow some bolt cutters, I just had to leave ID.
I went to two bike shops in the area, one said they only had an angle grinder that needed to be plugged in and would charge me 20 euros and the other suggested I call the police. I'm new in town and my german is dreadful, so I'm trying to avoid that.

I'm liking the metal file idea. Gonna try that first. Thanks!
A bit OT but related - recently a colleague lost the keys (both of them together!) with which she had locked the security cable attaching her laptop to a large study table in one of our offices North of Denver... This was discovered on a Friday evening & most people had gone home. She put in a call to security who promised to come out immediately (there then followed the US-typical great promises & nothing happening). After the 4th or 5th irate call to security (my colleague is from the US) they appeared with some massive set of bolt cutters and this could not cut through the cable!

The had to cut through the lock itself. Next working day someone handed the keys in...
PM me if you would like to borrow my hacksaw. It will take a bit (perhaps a half an hour) but it is pretty much guaranteed to work. Honestly, people might give you strange looks but no one is going to arrest you (just say "meines Fahhrad" over and over. Besides, it's unlikely that an English speaking person in Prenzlauerberg in broad daylight would slowly be sawing away at a chain to steal someone else's bike. If you do this for a living (stealing bikes that is), you probably have a better system.
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