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Does anyone know where to get Cockoo clocks at an affordable price?

depends on what you mean by affordable. in my opinion, if you have to have a cukoo clock, you really should get a decent one (all wood, no plastic bits, etc), and those bad boys are not cheap.
I am looking too for a 'real' cuckoo clock(for my uncle) - not some imitation one. It doesn't have to big big and complicated - just authentic. So, any advice on where to find them(Ebay is an option), would be great!
The smaller, all wood ones I've seen have not been less than about €120, if that gives you any kind of starting point for comparison. Of course, this is mainly in touristy shops both in and outside of Munich.
There is a small one (looks full wood) available for 90E or so at Max Kurg (the place is expensive) and the shop next to that. Anyone knows where we can get them for a notch less?
Totally taking away the idea of a cuckoo clock, if you are looking at it for a gift, I would personally buy them something else. Cuckoo clocks aren't particularly symbolic of Germany and are expensive, as you have seen. Get them a Nutcracker from one of the Christmas markets. For 50 Euros you can get a really nice one and they seem to go over well with everyone I know who's received one as a present.
nutcracker - that's a good idea
or one of those cute smoking men or windmilly things
cuckoo clocks are from switzerland
still, if your heart's set on a cuckoo clock, then I guess you'll have to fork out the cash...
Also between Mplatz and Viktualienmarkt is a cuckoo clock shop, near Bijou Brigitte ... dunno about the prices though. It's near a brush shop.
Angel I was thinking of the same one - it is called "Alles aus Holz" or something and is opposite the Toy Museum.
some are also in Kaufhof 4th floor, not really that nice though.
If you are traveling towards the Black Forest region, I would wait until then to purchase these clocks. They are about 60% of the cost that you can find here in Muenchen. The same goes for my favorite gift, Geisswein Haus schuhe. I paid fifty euro for a pair in Kaufhof and I found the same pair of shoes for 26 euro in a small town near Strasbourg.
I went to Max Kurg and Herrmann yesterday. The basic entry level hand made black forest clock costs 99 E in MK and 89 in Herrmann. You get 7 E off on the clock from Herrmann if you take it out of the country.

Any pointers as to where/which town/shop in the black forest region would have cheaper clocks (it may be worth a trip just for that if it is going to be 50% less)?
I know the tourist area near Titteesee had them that much cheaper and that is an area that is quite touristy. I read in Lonely planet a city thatthey recommend, which I would be certain that the clocks would be cheaper there, but I don't have my book near by
..scuse me... Titty Lake? ! What's floating around in that wat,er I'd like to know! Might be worth the trip just for that!
Well, it is called Titesee.

A simple google resulted in a detailed site - http://travel.independent.co.uk/low_res/st...3&host=2&dir=36
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