Requirements to carry first aid kit in car - Germany

Must the whole kit be replaced if opened?

Hi all,

My German girlfriend needs an eye patch and there is one in the first aid kit which I suggested she uses until I get to a pharmacy but she says that if we open it (there is a plastic covering on it) then the kit will have to be replaced with a new kit that is sealed. She claims that if the cops pull you over then they can say something (don't know if they fine or whatever) about the kit not being sealed.

Now this doesn't make a lot of sense to me in that I would assume that one would have to carry a kit that contains a minimum of certain items but as long as its in good condition then it does not need to be sealed and if items are used then they can just be replaced.

Do first aid kits have to be sealed or just are required to carry certain items in them?

Thanks for any advice.
If everything is in the kit and the items that have a use before date are up to date you will be fine.

If it's got to the stage where the boys in green are checking the contents of your first aid kit against a contents list then you have probably insulted FJS or been driving around with Lederhosen on your head.
It's only required to be complete according to check list (DIN 13164). Don't think an eyepatch would even be in any way on that list, unless you're jury-rigging one out of a compress.

DIN 13164 list
Owain Glyndwr
the first aid kit box itself doesn't have to be sealed but each individual item does and should also be within the use by date.
Thanks guys.
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