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Similar to The Sun, but published in Germany

If you still thought Germany was free from those alarmist newspaper headlines, or maybe you miss the *ahem* informative, in-depth, objective journalism of the UK red-tops, or maybe you need your German news in easy-to-swallow chunks, or maybe you're just a dumbass.

Well, think and/or miss no more...

I only found out recently, but it is possible to read a Sun-like version of news from Germany (and elsewhere) - the website of Bild newspaper is now available in English.

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Go to for headlines like these:

  • Islamist wants Mickey Mouse dead!
  • Farmers need official approval for suicide
  • Woman tricked into digging her own grave
(and that's just today's front-page!)

Are the Sun and Bild related? I think we should be told.
Small Town Boy
It also supplies your daily dose of mammary-related viewing pleasure, today in the form of Battle of the Breasts II. Go Keeley!
Editor Bob
They've been advertising on TT for journalists and writers: is the English language version of Germany's leading general interest portal,

Up to and including the Olympics 2008 (until the end of August) we will be running the English language edition, reporting on the latest news, sport and celebrity, as well as focussing on the Olympics.

We are looking for budding writers (native English speakers) who have a very good understanding of German to help make this exciting project a success
And for your daily dose of reminders of how sloppy, shoddy and willfully false Bild Zeitung is, make sure you subscribe to

No English edition - sorry.
Bild Zeitung, don't get me started on that kind of 'journalism'. It's a disgrace for newspapers, and for the readers. When you see a person that looks smart, well-dressed, it's such a turn-off when it turns out they're reading this shit paper.
Europe's top-selling paper... what does that tell you?
A friend of a friend is editor of the Scottish News of the world. For my mates wedding he actually did a special edition before the stag night and then one for the wedding. All of us on the stag night also ended up getting in the NOTW the next week.

Like it or not what these guys do it's very clever. They take the slightest bit of a story and jazz it up into something interesting. There's also a market there waiting to lap it up.

As a friend of mine once said as he rocked up with the Telegraph and the Sun. Something to read and something to look at!
As long as people know that they can't believe everything they read in those papers ... Which I am afraid many do.
You can't believe what you read in any paper though. They all skew one way or another.
I saw the afterlife and met Grandma in Heaven!

Little Paul is quite a sight as he looks up from his hospital bed with big eyes. It is a miracle that the youngster is still alive.

He was technically dead for 3 hours – in which he said he met his great-grandmother in Heaven and that she sent him back to Earth.
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