Where to buy Dr. Pepper in Germany

Stores that sell this soft drink

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I love Dr. Pepper, but I haven't been able to drink any since I moved to Germany because they don't sell it here, I don't want Sinalco!!!

Which supermarket chain sells the delicious brown elixir? (p.s. I'm in Franken [Nürnberg] if that makes a difference)
3 Lions
The only places that I know sell it are the petrol stations, I've never seen it in any of the shops here.
there was a thread about it in Munich, but seems most tankstelles sell it. Esso and OMV, and I would think that both those gasstations are in your area. So, give them a try.
Thanks, will check out the petrol stations, can't believe no shops sell it!!
Owain Glyndwr
The Esso tankstelle round by us has stopped selling the north american imported stuff it used to stock.
omg, I can't believe the thread started 2 days ago about what you miss most about America talks about this very topic. Sorry that I basically posted something already discussed without searching...
Is that the drink with the "Can you stand the taste?" - motto? (Sounds not like i will drink this soon )

I have seen them in TOOM - supermarkets, but i don't know if there is one near Nürnberg.

However according to the comments in this blog, it's available in Karstadt Nürnberg.
Dr Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper softdrinks

I feel a merge coming on...
My video store sells it, along with Barqs :-)
Is that the drink with the "Can you stand the taste?" - motto?
Nope. That V8, the Tomato/Vegi Drink and yes its nasty stuff...

I haven't seen Dr. P carried regularly in any German stores. The ones that do have it carry it in small supply as a specialty/import item
and it usually is very expensive.. 2-3 Eur per can. If your looking for some I just so happen to have a few 6 packs.. PM me if
your interested.
My video store sells it, along with Barqs :-)
Barq's? Do tell! AND which varieties? Is is US or some cheap knockoff?
Toom markt sell 500ml bottles of Dr. Pepper. Its about 1,10euro per bottle, well worth it!!!
Barq's is also on tap at all subways.
I got a 500ml bottle at Hannover Airport in Edeka. They seem to have a good range.
Ah, Dr Pepper - love that drink.

However I feel the Germans are missing out on the adverts of 'whats the worst that could happen'...
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