Scottish postman in Germany disposed of letters

Claimed he was "too busy" to deliver them

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From the Herald Sun: Can't trust a Scot to do a German's work.

A young Scotsman working as a postie in Germany failed to deliver mail for more than a year, hoarding and disposing of 20,000 letters. The 23-year-old employee of a private postal firm told authorities he was overworked and opted to collect the envelopes in his flat or throw them away rather than deliver them, authorities said. He was caught when a neighbour in Frankfurt saw him dumping stamped envelopes, catalogues, circulars and packages into a rubbish bin.

I think the German postal service is a rip-off as it is, having to pay 50 cents just to send a letter, let alone when the mail doesn't even arrive!
If you're only putting 50cents on the letter I'm not surprised it doesn't arrive, it costs 55cents!
Small Town Boy
This would explain a few things if his rounds extended to Freising.
I think the German postal service is a rip-off as it is
I agree the German postal service can (was when I was there, never had the same postman/woman for long, and they didn't seem to care) be quite bad at times, but the royal mail service is quite bad too. There are stories here of van loads of mail being dumped somewhere. Its the same old problem, just seems to be getting worse, some people are lazy and thoughtless where ever you go.
This reminds me of a scandal discovered in the Chicago postal system in 1994. Ugh!
This reminds me of a guy I know. Worked for Royal Mail and the police can to his door to find just over 5,000 letters in his basement, not that he was to busy to deliver, just too lazy. He was a Scot too.
Funny, I find the German postal service to be completely efficient (one of the few things that actually is). However, the people at the desk are for the most part completely incompetent. Still, if you can get past the customer service dweebs, your letters and posts arrive with lightening speed. I swear I mailed a letter once and it got there yesterday (the day before I mailed it)!
I agree, the post seems to be incredibly quick sometimes, but it is expensive, especially if you want to send stuff abroad.
I'm not looking forward to sending 2 big jiffy bags to England. So blooming expensive.
I tried to send a letter by pigeon once just it didn't work out. I find the German postal system more cost effective.
That is absolutely uncredible.

I must say that our local post office is really efficient and the guy running it is also friendly and pleasant. The postie is usually the same person, also a nice guy. The postal service in this small town is the best we have had in Germany.
Editor Bob
Note in case anyone missed it and is jumping to conclusions...

This Scottish guy is reported as having been working for a private postal firm. Not for Deutsche Post.
There you go. That's what comes of trying to be elitist
What a retard...They only deliver mail once a day and he could not even do that? Maybe all those people sent out important things in the mail...My my my....
I wonder if he is a member of Toytown... Got hooked on some daft threads and neglected his job
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