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Info on morning playgroups

I have of course searched the site, but haven't found what i was after. It would need to be a morning group to avoid clashing with the afternoon nap. Just a group of Mums and their toddlers and somewhere they can play together. Anyone know of any?
Been looking for the same thing, and haven't found much. Which area do you live in? Have a 2.5 year old and 6 month old. How about you?
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Hi , even i am looking for the same , and i have inquired that sticky - fingure in closed , so if you people come to know anything , jus let me know for my 10 months old baby.
Where abouts are you located. I know quite a few around the Trudering/Haar/Putzbrunn.
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Hi., i am ok with turdering .
Mulberry Bush English-Speaking Playgroup (ages 0-5).
Meets Thursday afternoons at the Familienzentrum in Trudering (Dompfaffweg 10)
from 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Contact info: Lynne (089/523 88 906) or Wendy (089/651 02 182)

Also try this site
Well, it's no good for me as my daughter sleeps 1ish till 4 ish some days. But hopefully the other ladies will find it helpful. Thanks

There are a few other options which are also not quite what i was after, but for anyone else with little ones I will put the links to to useful places that i have collected from around TT and other resources.

These are more general helpful sites..

Also, if your German is up to it, a friend of mine has told me that if you visit or call your local "Gemeinde" (Internet search - "Gemeinde Unterhaching", for example) ...

they will be able to tell you of groups that are run by the council. Some of these the parent is able to stay for the duration, others, the parent is not permitted to stay. From the sounds of it, the group my friend has attended have really welcomed her, and more people than she expected were able to speak to her in English.
There is Rugrats in Ottobrunn which is a parent and toddler group and also Bunchkids Playgroup in Putzbrunn (contact Julia 089 43529431)

I am wondering if anyone has found a morning playgroup. I have a 18 months old daughter and would like to join the playgroup - same issue long afternoon nap!
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Hi! I'm new to this forum, and am also looking for an English-speaking playgroup for my nine month-old son in the GAP/WM/STA area. Munich would be ok once a week for now, but I'd much prefer something closer, especially since winter will be here soon!
Hi ... I read this post a while ago, on an english group that is opening soon in Ottobrun: -

Main Topic : - Playgroups and day care in/near Ottobrunn, Babies, toddlers, mothers in south-east Munich

NEW starting on November 12, 2008:

Our playgroup is for english-speaking parents who are interested in meeting with other english speakers while your children ages 0 - 3 sing, play and craft together.

Every Wednesday and Friday from 10 - 12 am in Ottobrunn, Rosenheimer Landstr. 19

Infos & registration available immediately.

Phone: 089-18910560 or E mail:

I have a 17month old boy & was thinking of joining this group. I ve contacted them and it seems interesting. They also have a website

Hope you find it helpful
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Thanks, that sounds really interesting! ottobrunn isn't exactly close by, but it would be worth a try. I had been hoping to find something in Garmisch, what with all the Americans here, but so far, I haven't been able to.
If anyone is looking for an English speaking mother and toddler group in South Munich, Rugrats meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 - 11.30 in Ottobrunn.

We are an informal group, run by the members, with no one person in charge. Most of the mums (we don’t have any dads at the moment but they are always welcome) are either British or American, but we also have a few Germans and other nationalities. The only condition is that they are English speakers, as this is the language of the group.

We have a very simple structure to the sessions: Playtime (with craft or some other activity for the older kids), snack time with story, tidy up, song time, home. How much of this actually happens at any particular session is dependent on the parents there organising it. Everyone is expected to muck in with tasks such as setting up, making coffee, washing up, reading a story, organising a craft, tidying up, closing up, etc. We have an evening meeting every few months to discuss the running of the group, where anyone can make suggestions on how to improve things. We also organise trips during the holidays and mums’ nights out.

You don't have to come every week, you can come when you please and just pay the session fee of 2 Euros (plus 10 Euros initial joining fee to help us cover our costs). Your first session is free, so you can come along and see if it's for you.

There is no waiting list, just turn up to a session and see if you like it. We are always keen to have new members.

Contact Caroline Cox:- tel 089 68092733
i am looking for an english speaking playschool for my 15 month old baby near hofangerstrasse or ostbahnof.if anyone can suggest.
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