Amberg Horror Fest (film festival)

Weekend 30.Oct - 2.Nov.2008

The Amberg Horror Fest takes place in Amberg (Oberpfalz) from the 30th October - 2nd November.

It is going to be a great event and an opportunity to see English language horror films from around the world.

The festival is being marketed and conducted in both English and in German, so non German speakers will be able to ask questions and be assisted when purchasing tickets.

All screenings will be held at the Amberger kinos ( and tickets can be purchased online through - A reeper pass will allow you to watch a film at every session time throughout the festival.

The festival will also play host to exclusive new films and also rare titles never before seen in German cinema.

if you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact me on

It is going to be a great Halloween weekend of events, parties and films! We hope to see you there.

On the 28th October we will be playing host to the "Hells night tour", an awesome bunch of bands from around the world - concert tickets can be purchased through

Look forward to seeing you there!
Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know the first round of films has been announced on the website. There are some really awesome films and Jack Brooks Monster Slayer is going to open the festival!

check out the website to see what else is playing. A full program with screening times will be up next week

Hope to see you all there for a great Horror filled weekend!!
Sounds like fun!
Lucky me: I have off! Have never been to Amberg; can anyone give me any tips? Will probably drive up and may want to spend a night=anyplace central and still within my (admittedly small-)budget
. Any information would be appreciated.
Any other English-speaking horror-fans thinking about showing up?

There are some great places to stay in Amberg. There's the TulipInn 09621/4830 and - you will have to get in quick as we have lots of filmmakers coming from around the world and the rooms are filling up fast.

We have some great additions to our film schedule including Trailer park of terror and Let the right one in. It is going to be a greta weekend of horror film watching.

Hope you can make it!

The Festival Team
Well, we're going. My husband has really authentic looking fangs and cat eye contacts and theatrical make up. We are there! I died my hair midnight black. Not for Halloween but it was a good excuse. Always wanted to see what i would look with black hair since I'm blonde (ugh, now I"m more a dirty blonde with gray highlights) with blue eyes. I'm kind of freaked about the hair since it's sooo goth dark but excited. Should be great fun!
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