Metabolic balance diet

Anyone here tried this?

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I've recently started the Metabolic Balance diet and wondered if anyone else on here has tried it? The forum on the website is in German therefore I can't participate (for now). It would be good to chat to others that are currently doing this diet.

I think my friend did this diet. She had blood tests analaysed and got feedback as to what foods she can metabolise quickly and those that basically just store as fat. She was given a personal diet to follow and has lost 10kgs in 8 weeks! This is a huge amount to lose in this period of time but it has slowed down now and she still has another 5kgs to lose.

It did cost 300€ though to get the tests and diet advice but she said it was really good.

I have finally got my act together and am worrying less about eating and now exercising instead - aerobics, dance classes and Pilates and going by bike when possible. I feel so much better and I'm managing 1kg a week (last 3 weeks anyway). Already I can feel a difference, even in my posture and i feel taller. weird!

I think the Metabolic Diet is good but like all the others you still need willpower!
Metabolic Diet Support Forum (in English)
I started this after hearing recommendations from people who were happy with their success or knew people that were doing MB and happy, and after reading only positive feedback on the internet. I asked my GP what he thought of MB and he said it is one of the only diets that really work.

I started on the 14th March and to date (7th April) I have lost 9.5kg (just over 3 weeks). I lost 5kg prior to this programme with my own dietary changes.
So in 5 weeks I have lost a total of 14.5kg :-D My scales estimate fat and water percentage and have lost 7kg of body fat to date!

I have so much more energy and find it much easier to walk more instead of using public transport (sometimes feels like I am floating instead of walking cos I have less weight), feel healthier and happier, my self-confidence is increasing (am able to wear slimmer-fitting T-Shirts again without being self-conscious of my gut) and also my constant sinusitis seems to have disappeared. My concentration seems much better, am more alert and have less other health problems such as heart palpatations or high blood pressure... I even feel to some degree younger :-D

It is taking quite a bit of willpower in the beginning to break old habits, as well as not drink alcohol when meeting with friends or eating in restaurants during the strict phase. I am trying to keep the goal in my mind of wanting to be able to go shopping again for nice new clothes that fit, or to be able to strip off on a beach without being self-conscious :-)

The hardest thing I found in the beginning is ignoring all those who were negative about the diet and those who preach on how you *should* lose weight instead of this "bullshit" diet. I am proving them all wrong right now!!! I fought with my weight for years, with constant bloating. I trained 4 or 5 days a week in the fitness studio (1 hour cardio and heavy weights), changed my diet and drunk only white wine spritzers but could not lose the weight...

I find with the MB diet, you start to change your way of thinking about how you eat and what you eat, learn how much food your body really needs, etc - which will be beneficial when it comes to maintaining your target weight :-)
Is this the Blood Group diet? Basically, every food they wanted me to cut out were the foods that I normally eat. I thought it was strange that my blood type would rule out the foods that I am naturally drawn to eating.

I'm sure I would lose a lot of weight, if I basically stopped eating everything I eat!
help..i am new in the forum...i have been trying metabolic balance since 2 days...having cravings and headaches.. need support and someone to be around encouraging me.. beside i cant cook( i mean it really)..anyone can help
Did you see the link to the support group that UA provided above?

Hope you'll feel better soon. Good luck!
Lavender Rain
The headache could be due to a myriad of reasons. Could be due to a lack of carbohydrates that metabolize to provide energy to your brain cells. It could also be from ketones that are building up in your systems from not enough carb intake.

Or it could be from withdrawing from caffeine.

I recommend you drink plenty of water or some green tea, if you like green tea.

You also have to keep yourself busy, to avoid focusing on the craving.

Regarding cooking, perhaps you can make 3 meals that can be frozen or is it because you don't have a stove?

A side note, I find it interesting you would you use your second post in 5 years to ask about this.
hi... yes... i checked the link, it wasnt very helpful. but i am checking it all the time now.. i dont have a stove yet. but i will get one i hope. i have been drinking like crazy and running to the toliet every 30 minutes.. not very nice at work..yeah.. why did i use my registration now after 5 years.. i lost my password and i was busy...and a day takes a day and oplaaa.. after 5 years i am here..
thanks about the replies.. will keep u guys updated..
I always get a headache when I start a "serious" diet. Not sure what it is withdrawal effects from (?fat) because I continue to drink tea, coffee. Not serious, it goes after a couple of days.

Good luck with the MB diet.
Hello guys...I just came from the resturant.. came back from work and went quickly to a nice turkish resturant beside work, i over ate i guess, but without bread or sweets..i know i know.. i am supposed to do the MB diet.. i am, but modified when i over it ok, that i have no energy to workout at all? and i mean at all...i havent been going to the gym for 2 weeks..i havent lost alot of weight...maybe 1.5 Kilo.not alot ha?

The did u lose this much weight..i have been killing myself not to eat chocolates and cakes...real killing myself..ha?
waiting for replies...
I think I'm going to give the Metabolic diet another go now that I've got more experience with stuff that doesn't work that well.

I think the Zone is great but too strick for me. Gotta let loose now and then.
i am trying this. I am in Phase 2 (6th Day)
and what is the progress so far?

Can you also give an insight into the kind of thing they have told you to do. I know its all individual but I'm interested in finding out what the plan looks like.

Regarding progress, i haven't checked the weight so far, want to check on 14th day.. Regarding Diet program my Phase2 plan is like this

Choice 1

Breakfast: Soyjoghurt (95grams) with a fruit
Lunch: Lamb meat(135grams) with 130grams of Vegetables/salads
Dinner: Bird meat(135grams) with 155grams of Vegetables/Salads

Choice 2

Breakfast: 2 Eggs with 115 grams of Vegetables.salads
Lunch: Cheese (95grams) with 130grams of Vegetables/salads
Dinner: Bonen(110grams) with 155grams of Vegetables/Salads

Choice 3
Breakfast: 9tbl spoons seeds(Sunflower/pumpkin) with 115 grams of Vegetables.salads
Lunch: Bird meat(135grams) with 130grams of Vegetables/salads
Dinner: Fish(135grams) with 155grams of Vegetables/Salads

upon this choice i can have 5 bread pieces of vollkorn Roggenbrot (7mm thick ), no oil

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