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Favourite districts and neighbourhoods

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Just wondering what people think. Yes, I'm fully aware I've left off lots of areas. Tell us all about how wonderful Milbertshofen/Berg am Laim/Forstenried is if you want.
Jake McVitie
I voted for "somewhere else in Munich". More specifically: within 80331. Even more specifically: Assamhof - that's the ideal place.
Schwabing has taken a slight lead...
Check out "Glockenbach" - 80469 - from Sendlinger Tor, V-markt, to the Isar and south to Kapuzinerstrasse (Arbeitsamt) A very friendly neighbourhood, with a variety of pubs and restaurants. Close to the river. Everything you want...

Just shove Glockenbach in with Au, pretty close to each other
A river can easily separate entire countries. I think the fact that Au is on the other side of the Iar is enough to keep it apart. Besides, I've lived in Au, and it is most certainly NOT GBV.
I'm wondering why Neuhausen is doing so badly. I live in Schwabing but ovted Neuhausen. Nevel lived there but always like it.

A Dachterasse on the Isar close to Volksbad would be nice. Assamhof not bad either.
another vote for 80469
I started this poll a long time ago. I would now of course have had "Maxvorstadt" as it's own category, since it is a superior version of Schwabing (and I've moved there since this poll started).
Hey Munichers,

My husband and myself want (really want) to move to Munich (with our 1yo son). Your answers to the following 2 questions would be great help cuz we don't know where to begin...

- Which is your favorite neighborhood in Munich? Why?

Many many thanks!

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You will find, very shortly, that this has been asked and answered maybe a trillion times.

See also here: The best districts to live in Munich
Thelonious Monk
I like Gern!
but I also like Schwabing!
And.... I also like Solln!
And.... Bogenhausen is also not a bad place I hear!

it all depends what your budget is, how quiet or big your apartment should be, how many rich snobs you want to live around, how many students you want to live around, if you want a garden, if you want to be on the U-Bahn lines, if you are planning to buy a car, if you want to be closer to the mountains, if you want to be closer to the airport, if you want to be closer to Schloss Nymphenburg, if you really care about being close to where it is all happening, if you really don't want to be close to where it is all happening, etcetera etcetera etcetera

Moving is never an easy thing and takes a lot of preparation. It would not be a bad idea to visit Munich before moving here and check out the neighborhoods for yourself. Just keep in mind there are no 'bad' neighborhoods in Munich, Hasenbergl and Neuperlach are generally considered less good but are by no means ghettos.
If anyone recommends Glockenbach as somewhere nice to live - they are not telling the truth - you really wouldnt like to live in this area, its full of crime, muggings, the streets are dirty and never cleaned, its just plain dangerous esp for a young family
My favorite neighborhood in Munich is Milbertshofen. Because I live there.
Signed, Sara, 49

If you want a neighborhood that offers sufficient childcare spaces avoid the city center. If you want a neighborhood with easy access to the airport check out the north. If you are affluent join the happy, carefree crowd down south. If you are more the urban type used to bars and restaurants at your door try Haidhausen. Not Westend, strange people live there. Although the bar scene is up-and-coming.

Take a look at the map of Munich and check it out for parks and other open spaces and read up on the surrounding areas.
Hi Limi!

Are you looking for a child friend neighbourhood for instance? I mean, good kindergarden, parks, etc? Residential? Other thing I noticed is that some areas the houses have bigger yards, area for the kid´s stuff. Would this be somehow a way to make the list of alternatives shorter? Like sarabyrd has mentioned, there are some qualities expecific for families with kids in a certain region. Would the "kid aspect" be one of the priority list?

I am also interested in this topic!

I must disagree with some users in this forum. The nicest thing about it is to get information for a PERSON who experienced such question. Of course, we can gather million of info on the net. But, here, it seems more personnal, more human than just read book, etc.
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