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Can anyone open this site??

I dont know if it is my computer (8 yrs old ) or if it is just the site. I am trying to find out how much it would cost for a package to be sent to the states.

If anyone can access this - or anyone who knows German would be willing to look it up for me in German - it would be appreciated

Packet size - DeutschePost Packset box - Medium (35x25x12).
weight - approx 400 grams
desination - USA - airmail, but express


it may not be your computer - I'm on there now and it is sllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwww.

I will get back if I can get the info out of it.

Damn it! I think Deutsche Post have got one of those rodent driven modems... only the mouse has died, and because it is Sunday nobody has noticed
I'm sorry Babs. I think it is them and not you. I have to log off now and take my boy out.

Thanks for trying - glad it is not just my laptop. From what I can make out of the German site (my German is VERY basic) the ONLY way to send a packet (ie not brief or postcard) is through DHL - is this correct or am I really not understanding it - seems odd that you would only be able to send through DHL???
Thanks again, if all else fails, I will to to the postoffice tomorrow and ask. I want to buy something for a friend's new baby online, but dont want to order it if it will cost me more to ship it than cost of item.

Thanks again,
NO there is a Deutsche Post Packet service aswell, and it's cheaper, you just need to box it and go to the post office, and they will give you a form to fill out, and you send it ! Really easy.
Hey, DHL carry the majority of packages for deutsche post, but really its quite transparant.

The costs you need are on the website, which is running slower than (I wont put anything else here...)

The page guidelines are here. It lists the price per weight per zone.

Lookint at how this website is running today, the quickest thing is just to head to the post office and ask them there.

Hmmm.. well - if you want it express... then you just need to go here:

Site should be in english, and seems to work fine for me.

At the top of the page it says:
For 2003 the Deutsche Post World Net group has merged the entirety of its
express, freight, and logistics services into a single new brand: DHL.
There are some Calculators on the site which you can fiddle with to see how much something it going to cost...

I got in just fine, but since I just sent two of them on Friday, I can tell you that it will run 24€ish.
Thanks for reponses guys, have just been on net playing around with different ideas and decided to just go with online bookshop that way, she can take it back if she doesnt like it and exchange And was able to get free shipping so worked out great and wont have to deal with shipping anything from here.
Thanks again,
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