My hair feels sticky after washing it - Germany

Problems with local tap water suspected

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I have been noticing that every time I wash my hair it still feels dirty and almost sticky at the roots. I am wondering if it is the water in Germany as I have lived many places and it only seems to happen here. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there any kind of product I can use to keep this from happening? I have fine hair so it is especially annoying not being able to run my fingers through it. :-(
Hmm are you putting conditioner on your scalp too, or just on the ends of the hair? I need more shampoo in Germany because of the harder water.
Yep, I've noticed that after a shower here, I still don't feel "clean". I figured it was the water.
It notice a difference too. When I am in Australia my hair is always much softer after washing. I think it depends on the area you live in. You can ask your local energy/water supplier how hard the water is in your area, or you could use a test-kit. I think you get them in the pharmacies ( Apotheken). Here is some more info:
Try changing your shampoo & conditioner (or try using shampoo & conditioner ) I doubt very much that hard water will make your hair feel sticky, normally it makes it dry & brittle. Make sure you are rinsing thoroughly & maybe try using a small bit of lemon juice or vinegar in the rinse.
I get it after forgetting to wash out the conditioner.
I get that with certain shampoos (e.g. the bottle of L'Oréal Elvive shampoo I'm trying to work my way through at the moment). So I prefer to use a light shampoo (e.g. SebaMed shampoo, or Clairol Herbal Essences shampoos/conditioners). With them, the hair feels clean and not clogged with gunk. I also live in a hard water area.
Yeah, I use both shampoo and conditioner, the same I've used for months, and I rotate through my Matrix products every few days to avoid my hair getting "used" to them (like my hairdresser back home recommended). I used to live in a very hard water area and I never had this problem. Perhaps my conditioner is too heavy??? I've tried everything, from putting extra conditioner in to rinsing it for longer than usual. Maybe I should look for something lighter? I color my hair so I prefer to use salon quality products. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback!
Maybe i'm the only perv on here but I was just expecting a totally different thread after seeing the title of sticky hair.
hard and soft water look it up
I had that problem with a specific shampoo while I was living in the States (as did my roommate). When I went on a trip I used the same shampoo and didn't have the same problem there, so my guess is that it is something in the water interacting with something in the shampoo / conditioner.
I just switched to a different shampoo.
Never had that problem in Germany, though.
munich water makes my hair soooo dry. the body shop has a great poppy seed hair mask i use once a week to make it all soft and shiny again.
Don't put any conditioner on your roots, just on the ends.
Also make sure that ALL shampoo has been washed out by massaging your scalp thoroughly.
make sure shampoo has soluble silicones, this should be the case if it's a salon quality shampoo...isn't the case with lots of other brands though and a build up of silicone on the hair can cause something like what you're experiencing.

Try Aveda scalp benefits shampoo, I would also avoid massaging the scalp too much when washing as this encourages sebum production and definitely no conditioner for your roots - they really don't need it!

My chair changed a few months ago and I thought it was down to the water here but as it turned out my thyroid is underactive and it was just another symptom of that, so if you try everything else and nothing seems to make a difference - pop down to your doctor's to make sure it's not a health related issue (hormone imbalance or the like...sometimes a change of pill can also be responsible).
I don't think that Bryan's on the pill! hehe
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