Where to play poker in Frankfurt

Info on clubs and games tournaments etc.

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Hi, just wondering if there is any where to play poker in Frankfurt? Does anyone know of any events or tournaments?

Any info would be great.

I've been hoping to find a game here too... am up for it if one pops up somewhere.
Purple Muffin
My boyfriend is keen and when he moved to Frankfurt planned to host loads of games. However only been one so far but I could boot him into organising another one.
you should all come down to Wiesbaden for a trip to the Casino!
I'd be interested in joining. I've only just learned how to play on Facebook so I'm a novice, but would love to play a real game.
I am also interested in having a poker night. I would host, but don't have enough chairs for more that four people.
Hi all,

I found out recently that poker is illegal in pubs around frankfurt, however i have found a poker den that has tournements 3 times a week, the problem is this den is actually ever so slightly illegal, so I suggest that as option b whoever is interested in a tournament posts a reply and I can arrange a time and a venue, no big stakes, I live around the Bornheim area and happy to organise a night in that area.

let me know anyone that wants to attend in the next 2 or so weeks,

Any news on this?
We play too... up to 8 people but best to meet up first

also been in Wiesbaden 2 times and recently in Las Vegas for a visit too

Wiesbaden it was 75 euro for tournament and the cash games like 5000 !!!
I know this is an old post but still wondering if there is anyone in Frankfurt area that still wants to meet up for a poker game. I have a very nice poker table but I live in Hanau so a bit of a drive for poker.
Well, I'm also interested if its not too late. Nth Frankfurt.
Google kurhaus in Wiesbaden. It is a really nice casino. I also plan to host a few games myself this winter.
bump this1 ..jus incase any1 have something in mind..
I live in Muehlheim and i would be keen to join in the frankfurt area or to host if I can get the right numbers. 6-8. Cash game preferably
i maybe can drag 1-2plrs too
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