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Does anyone know any free/cheap STD/HIV testing sites in Berlin, preferably in Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg? Places that can accommodate an English speaker would be preferred. I used to get tested every 6 months to be safe while living in the US, but sadly this hasn't been the case here, and I'd like to pick it up again. Also I've heard that being Positive for HIV can have bad effects when getting citizenship with some countries, so a place that was anonymous would be ideal just in case. And even better, if they have the finger prick method or some other one that doesn't require removing blood with a needle that would be ideal, as needles often make me faint. Though I kind of like to faint every now and then so not such a big deal.

Man o meter in Buelowstrasse 106 do testing.


Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 17:30 - 20:00 they have anonymous and quick testing. results back in 30 minutes. Cost 15Euro.
I just did a quick search and came up with this

anonymer HIV - Antikörpertest (AIDS-Test) - nach vorheriger Anmeldung
Der HIV-Test kostet 10,00 Euro, bei Mittellosigkeit ist der Test kostenlos

so to recap, anonymous and 10 euro but free for those without means

link to site is here

address of clinic (double check that please)
Gesundheitsamt Schöneberg
Erfurter Strasse 7-8
10825 Berlin
There is one clinic in Friedrichshain that does it. Gubener str 37 - Praxis City Ost, very close to Kaiser's on Warschauer str.
I used to get tested every 6 months to be safe while living in the US, but sadly this hasn't been the case here
Don't get me wrong..glad you are getting tested if you are putting yourself at risk...BUT...the test itself doesn't make you "safe", practicing safe sex and not sharing needles keeps you from getting infected (for the most part). Better to not do risky behavior than to get tested every 6 months.

Stay safe
Hey, thanks everyone for the info--very helpful.

To Gemini, yes, I am being safe, though safe is a relative term when it comes to things (especially for things outside of HIV)--I always wear a condom in sex, and never let "fluids" in my mouth, though sometimes i eat nachos at a movie, and apparently it's possible that they make tiny cuts in your mouth, and then a drip of a guy's precum could land in one during oral sex later that night. Very unlikely I know, but I actually met a guy who worked at an STD clinic who doesn't go to Mexican restaurants on dates for that exact reason...I prefer to have what I consider safe sex and also get tested to be sure.
Nachos are dangerous, everyday I learn something new here.
God help us, some people are just not altogether with it. To the original poster, mice stink and you need some serious help in the smarts category. Lord love ya, but you are a sandwich short of a picnic or blond that didn't come from a bottle or both.
eurovol, you're a fuckin' muppet
There is a (smallish) issue with mouth injuries prior to sex being a possible method of HIV transmission.
Activley brushing teeth prior to sex being advised against.
But avoiding nachos?
Sorry if I was a bit misleading with the Nachos thing--I meant it as an extreme and humorous example of where people put the line for what is considered safe or not, as HIV IS transmitted in more ways than simply anal/vaginal sex without a condom. I'm certainly not saying that I freak out about nachos--that was the guy at the STD clinic (though heck, if anyone is to know...). Though I do have bad teeth so it's more than often that when I brush I see blood in there, so I don't brush before sex and prefer breath mints instead.

The point being that "safe" is different for everyone, and considering many people don't even know they are positive and therefore put others at risk, I prefer to get tested frequently. Sorry if that makes me a sandwich short of a picnic, Eurovol. You've got almost 2 decades on me, so maybe by then I'll have picked up enough idioms to throw around at people in forums. It must be so friggin awesome.
Come on people, don't be shy; If you've had more than one partner in the last couple of months, you must have considered going for a check up. So the question is, where to go?

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They take a whole vile of blood and then handle it like uranium.
I see the topics have been merged - are we still talking specifically about Berlin here?
Doesn't matter. Everyone knows that Berlin is a dead rich city. We all have loads of money. No poor people at all really. So everyone should come by for their cheap / free HIV testing.
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