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Apartment rental, utilities, food, salaries, etc.

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I will be moving to Aachen in a month or two, I have been offered a job with 36K Gross salary yearly. Is it sufficient for a couple, What is the living cost in Aachen. What would be a typical rental for apartment ( 2 room + kitchen).

I am studying in Aachen and been residing there since August 2005. ITs a really nice city. Small and its basically a student City, which means u will see lots of young faces on the street. One sixth of the poulation of about 250,000 are students.

The house rent in Aachen is cheap compared to other cities. To be frank, 36k Gross for 2 people will be a little tight. There are lots of WG's (sharing apartment) and rooms available in Aachen. It wouldnt be difficult to find a apartment around 450€ warm. Personally i have been living in a student hostel and works out very cheap. But theres a famous weekly(i think) paper called "ANNONCE" - i am not sure with the spelling though. There u can see looooots of adds for room/apartment renting.

What would be average cost of groceries for two people and is there an shop/mall where we can buy Indian spices and grocery.
I have received a job offer to work in Aachen. Monthly salary will be in the range 3200 and 3400 Euros, and I have been informed that after taxes I should get about 1800 to 2000 Euros in my hand every month.

My question is: how good is this salary? In order to help you answer that question, I can give you an example:

Right now I earn about 2300 USD per moth after taxes and insurance related expenses in Rochester, NY. My monthly expenses are roughly 700 USD for housing including utilities (gas, electricity, etc.) and about 400 USD for food. This means that I can keep about 1200 USD per month to save, or spend in trips and vacations, fun, clothes, computers, etc.

So I guess a comparison of the previous paragraph to estimates in Aachen would be most helpful.

Thank you.

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You will spend for housing (utilities included, no phone or internet) about 400-500 EUR and for food another 300-400 EUR => ~700-900 EUR living costs.
I got an internship in germany for 700USD per month.I need to work 2 months in germany.Is the amount sufficient?
700 USD per month, is not enough. Unless they are paying for your housing.

Living here is really expensive. I don't make very much money, but I've learned to sacrifice certain things so I can live abroad. Cooking at home, making your own tea/coffee, etc. can really save you a lot of money.

You can send me a personal message if you want, I can give you as much knowledge as I have on the subject...
I've learned to sacrifice certain things so I can live abroad. Cooking at home, making your own tea/coffee
Only a sacrifice if you compare it to North America.
Seems like those activities are the norm here.
hi i am interested in studying in Aachen but i am concerned about the cost of living.I have been reading the topics and i am getting mixed information.
Here is whati got from my research.Please correct me if i am wrong:
1)Renting in Aachen is quite expesive.(for me 300 for just a room sounds a lot!!)
2)it wont be easy to get a uni dorm since the waiting list is huge.(even for international students??)
3)the city is small and sounds like an ideal place for a student.
4)there is a high competition for part time jobs so i cant count on finding one.
So i would like to ask you:
comparing to other german cities is Aachen expensive?I was also thinking of applying in KIT or Darmstadt(for electical
Engineering).What about larger cities like Berlin or Stuttgart?Are they cheaper than Aachen?
Thank you for your help!
Consider Braunschweig. Our daughter has just started her studies at the TU there. The city is the same size as Aachen but only half a many students. She found a 25 sqm apartment for Eur 270.
I moved to Aachen 6 months ago.

I warn you now its almost impossible to find accommodation if you can't speak German. The only reason I managed to get my apartment is because I pretty much bribed the landlord!
A few of my friends, also foreigners over here have had exactly the same trouble, one of which has looked at over 60 places, applied for most of them and is still hasn't managed to get in anywhere.

Its not daft expensive, it all depends on what you're used to spending. The competition is so high because of the technical university, it's supposed to be one of the best in the world. Almost all the students here are doing PhD's
ok I would like to dispell some of the sillyness here about not being able to find an apartment in Aachen. My wife and I live in Rehmviertel. We only have 35 square meters. She is studying at the Katho and I will be studying in the future. There are tons of apartments in Rehmviertal and Ostviertal. In the nice areas of town like Frankenbergerviertel and anything close to RWTH and FH Aachen is very, very tight. Otherwise I really dont see what the problem is as in my kneck of the wood there are tons of foriegners and non traditional Germans living here.

Since you are going to be earning 36k you wont be living in Aachen. You make to much ; ) Try any of the places around Aachen like Burtscheid, Stohlberg and Eschweiler etc . . . hope that helps.
I have to agree with Colfax, except for near campus and Frankenbergviertal (a ritzy neighborhood) it is a bit tight, but not elsewhere. And Aachen is not as expensive as the big German cities or many places in the US. We live in a 130SqM absolute *trophy* apartment for 1600EUR a month. A place like this, if one like it existed in the states, would cost *several* thousand per month. The apartment that I rented in Silicon Valley, before moving here was just a plain normal apartment, almost half the size and now goes for over $2500 a month. If you are not looking for a place with a 18th century marble fireplace, marble and parquet floors and 10 foot tall, ornate antique double doors in all of the rooms, etc., you can get a nice place for 400-500EUR. Cheaper if you find a shared deal or just want a tiny studio.

Also, remember that in a German apartment apartment, you usually have to put in your own kitchen and carpets and lighting. A friend of mine rented a place in Cologne and he had to put down a floor!
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I need to know answers to below question as i am planning to move to Aachen I know below replies can vary due to many other factors but some rough estimates etc will be help

What is the average salary in telecom with approx 12 years of exp .. And take home after taxes ... (married , Wife and one kid 5months old .... Wife not working )

Accommodation prices (how much does it cost to rent an accommodation in Germany?) Assuming Herzogenrath of work .. so anything decent . near this place of place where people generally stay --furnished and or unfurnished?

public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)-- monthly passe cost etc

food prices(per month, how much does it cost ?) -- average food cost ..

health prices (medical insurance) --- approx Medical insurarnce for family ..from E/// or outside per month

eduction prices -- approx per month cost ....

Energy prices (oil, electricity,heating )

common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone) -- monthly other expenses

prices of a good menu in a decent restaurant -- approx cost for decent hotel per person

If car is purchased -- approx monthly installment for average new car?? Old Car?

Baby Sitter price .. ? :-) most imporant or a monthly day care

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