Maximum legal working hours in Germany

What's the max? 40 hrs per week?

Does anyone know what the "legal" maximun number of working hours is per week? ... Under a german contract.
Doesn't the contract you get normally have the hours of work listed? I would have thought that...weird if it doesn't.
I know only the french, 35 hpw!
Don't know what the German peculiarities are (sorry, that is what you want to know, after all), but the EU working time directive gives max. 48 hours per week for "normal" jobs. German law has to bend to EU directives, as that of all member states.
See, for example.
Humm think am just moaning over nothing. Work for EADS/Eurocopter in Ottobrun for a 1 year student placement. And our contracts are for 40 hours + 47mins Lunch break + 13mins compulsary overtime. Maybe i just need to wake up a little cos 9hours a day plus most days i try and do 1hour OT. takes up 10 hours of my day. Not to mention the 1 hour round trip traveling.

Not only that but everyone else that works here have a 37 hour contract. get paid 3 times as much and get xmas bonuses.
Aren't the key words there 'student placement'. You can't really moan about the pay can you?
no to be fair its ok. Its just the fact that we do just as much work as everyone else.

Just cos they banned child labour is no reason to take it out on students.
ok? its normal. I've worked 8+1 in every job I've ever had
Devils Alternative

Count yourself lucky. We work an average of 12-14 hours a day and have to come in on some weekends too. After ten years working and being part of "Senior Management" I work much more than I ever did as a student including an internship at an investment bank.

As they say the best is yet to come.
I worked over 80 hours every week for well over a year. Had a small, extremely well paid job to keep me afloat, and then another job doing all the lab work for some dude's thesis. I pretty much wrote it for him too and told him what experiemnts to do, how to do them and eventually did them myself anyway, gave him the results, arranged free material testing at my old university and other institutions where I knew people, acquired free material donations from businesses by chewing their ears off and begging them to show some compassion, five finger discounted missing equipment and chemicals, retrieved the latest literature refs before they were even in print, and was paid a whopping 80 hours a month "HiWi-Tarif" (less than 9 bucks an hour).
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