German women and their sex/romance preferences

Are they traditional and like flowers and such?

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Could someone tell me what type of romance German women like? Are they traditional, like love letters, flowers, sweet nothings etc. or are they more modern and shy away from that sort of treatment, seeing a man as desperate or weak by showering her with affection? I am also interested in knowing what German women think about sex. I am dating a woman who makes comments like sex is not exactly at the top of her list but she will tolerate it. We have not had sex so I haven't a clue about how she is in bed. Maybe she has just never had good sex or whatever. Are German women open enough that I could just blatantly aske her why she might not care for sex for whatever reasons? She also does not like public affection. Whe will jsut barely allow me to give her a peck in public, a french kiss would be out of the question! She will allow me to hold her hand or put my arm around her in public, but otherwise she is not affectionate at all. We have only been in public so I am not sure how she would react in private. She tells me shi is much more affectionate in the bedroom. Ideas, comments or suggestions?
ddesigns, you should probably consider whether sex is important to you. It seems to be pretty early in your relationship, and if she is telling you NOW she's not really interested in sex generally, I think you should take her at her word. Not assume that she's just not had good sex (such as, no doubt, you are confident you could provide.)

I don't think you can generalize about German women any more than you can generalize about American ones. Want to know if she likes flowers? Send her some and see if she's pleased.
I am dating a woman who makes comments like sex is not exactly at the top of her list but she will tolerate it.
Jesus, and you're still listening to anything she has to say? If sex is at all important to you, get out now.

Edit: just made the connection to your other topic thanks to Pas. I'm going to go ahead and call this one like I see it: this chick is totally using you. She's never going to play hide the salami with you and in all likelihood is not the least bit interested in you. Stop worrying about her romantic likes and dislikes and just get out.
Could someone tell me what type of romance German women like?
I hear they're into scat.
Lavender Rain
I think you need to get more experience by dating college sophomores before you take this one on.
Strange: Dating a German immigrant to the U.S.

In my vast experience of one German and one American I'd say ditch the German and stay with Americans. Far superior. ;-)
First of all, just to clarify, not all German woman have the same opinion/likes/dislikes.

If the one you're dating now, isn't very affectionate with you then maybe she's either that way with everyone - or she doen't want to date you any longer and is trying to tell you something.
How much is she taking you for? Maybe you should tell her no lolly no money - she will soon defrost.
Maybe she has just never had good sex or whatever.
..and of course, YOU'RE the guy who could show her what good sex is aren't you!
I hear they're into scat.
Not true, some don't even like Jazz.
i dont think you can put german females into any kind of category just like any woman from any country, there all different , some affectionate some not, etc...etc the only thing women have in common in my experience [ i have had more than my fair share of different races] is they all love a good tonguing
I am dating a woman who makes comments like sex is not exactly at the top of her list
Thats what they always say and then some how u end up in the basement with a whip and candle...
Lavender Rain
Her Prioritized List:

1. Find a gullible fool
2. Spend fool's money on me and my child
3. Marry the fool
4. Spend even more of the fool's money on me and my child
5. Get fool to apply for my American citizenship
6. Fuck the fool
As for affectionate in public, I see lots of couples holding hands, even older ones (which is quite cool i think),
not much kissing or anything, except for the teenagers, so not too much of a culture difference there I think.

I think we all know that trying to quantify "what women want" is a bit crazy, even in a broad a sense as culturally related.
I only know 2 things about women, and both are wrong.

One thing I think I have noticed however is though:
Me being used to Irish and English culture (where I think girls are a bit more predatorial), I think that German girls do
not show there interest as much (at initial stages)...and I'm sure even that is a sweeping statement.
Then again this can probably be put down to German people, as a whole, being a little more withdrawn from strangers.

P.s If anyone offers a rebutle to my statement, please also include where you find these women that have shown contrary
evidence to what I've said.
Do I understand that correctly, she has been abused in her previous marriage? Little wonder she is hesitant to share the bed again under these circumstances, methinks. If you love her enough to want to stay together, give her time, be gentle, be sweet, especially when it comes to "body contact"

In reply to the topics title...I think the sex/romance preferences of German girls can't be "generalized". I am one, sometimes prefer this and another day that - you wouldn't want to eat Spaghetti each and every day either, would you ;-)
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