All aboard the atheist bus

Contribute £5 to a London bus atheism advert

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Well I have just pledged by 5gbp to this quite funny little idea.

Politically and intellectually is probabaly (likely) quite a useless move. But its damn funny and thats enough for me

Do you ever get annoyed by those religious ads you see? TV comedy writer Ariane Sherine does, so she wrote an amusing article for The Guardian suggesting that atheists club together and pay for their own.

She worked out if 4,680 atheists contribute £5 that would pay for an ad on a London bendy bus for a two weeks. The slogan: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and get on with your life."

Original idea here: Freethinker

Facebook pledge point here for those on facebook: Facebook apps

And I beleive pledges can also be made: here
Theists on the bus go "youre gonna burn burn burn"
If it's a bendy bus, that's quite likely.
Hmmm... Shouldn't that be more of an agnostic bus than an atheist one?

I'd prefer: There is no god. Now stop worrying...

Regardless, I've pledged.
Scroll through the archives of any news service.

It's always busloads of pilgrims that go off some mountain road, crash into swollen rivers, leap the parapet of some gorge-spanning bridge or burst into flames after colliding with another busload of pilgrims.

I know which bus I'm on.
yeah, the athiest bus would be decked out with rollbars, cattle catcher, and a monster grille. because you only live once!!!

and some speakers on the outside, like tom wolfe
This thread is just more pablum for theophobic bigots.
Yes, it is. If you are an atheist, honk ! <HONK>
You could probably ride in one of these buses for a discount.

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In that case...

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Beg Tets
This thread is just more pablum for theophobic bigots.
Yep, but at least we don't try to foist our views on you.

You do realise you're an athiest too, right? We just go one god further.
Er...wrong thread BB?
No, if you're theophobic and a bigot...then Nobama is the perfect target for you. Besides, he likes to throw his friends under buses.
Read the ad, Bad, read the ad.

Probably. Nice word. No great claim to being the one conduit for the eternal truth being made there. Hardly qualifies as foisting. Not really on a par with a belief system that damns everybody who does not believe in exactly what I believe in.
Why don't you "probably" contribute?
Seems religious beleif precludes a sense of humour. Regardless Im glad I got at least one person to pledge

Come on all you facebookers. Stick on a pledge, if only to annoy our resident bible basher-cum-conspiracy theorist.
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