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Valid only on date bought, until what time, etc.

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I was wondering if Bayern Tickets are only valid on the date bought, or if they're unused they can be used on a different date.
I think that if you buy them from the red DB ticket machines, they have the date of purchase printed on them, and are only valid on that date. You don't need to validate (punch) them before you travel. They are valid up to something like 3am that night.
Crap answer, but its a start.
Anyone know any more?
If the date is printed, then it is valid only for that date. Better to buy from older automatic machines, where you need to punch the ticket to make them valid. Gives more flexibility.
When buying the ticket you must give a date of travel , the ticket is then only valid for this day . You can however give an advance date and therfore buy tickets in advance . Always remember to fill your name on the ticket !! , I have now twice witnessed groups of 4 and 5 EACH having to pay 40 Euros ( thats 160 / 200 Euros ) because the ticket had not been signed before travel thus rendering it useless !!! ( and these groups were Germans - Not foriegners ! )
Maybe they're more lenient with foreigners, as I've been asked 4-5 times to fill out my name on the ticket, but never fined. I just never have a pen on me when travelling by train into the mountains or wherever! I learnt to pack one, though.
Same as you, UA. I (nearly) always forget to write my name in and all that happens when they check the ticket is that they give me a pen and ask me to do so.
But yes, a Bayern Ticket is valid only for one specified day.
Yes, this happened to me too. They just give a pen to write the name.

About Validity.. on weekdays Monday to Friday the Bayern Ticket is valid only from 9:00 AM to 6:00 AM the following morning. On Saturday and Sunday though the ticket is valid from Midnight till 6:00 AM the following day.

Valid only for the printed date.
There is a booklet called Günstig unterwegs in Bayern that also gives you the info in English.

The one that is valid until 6 am is the Night ticket. The day Bayern ticket which costs 27 euro for up to 5 people, and 19 euro single, is valid for unlimited travel on regional trains in second class, Monday to Friday from 9am until 3 am the following day, and on weekends and public hols fo the whole of Bavaria even from midnight. Valid throughout Bavaria on all regional trains, public transport (Underground, trams, buses) and nearly all regular bus services. It costs 2 euro more to buy it from the counter, from the machine it is 27 euro. You enter the date on the machine, so you must be able to buy it in advance.

The person who thought of the bayern ticket should get a medal!
Just seen something I didn´t know before. It is valid for groups of up to 5 persons OR parents/grandparents (maximum 2 adults) with UNLIMITED number of own /grandchildren under 15. Gets better and better.
You can get Bayern tickets with no date on them. Personally I get them all the time (think 3+ days a week) at the BOB counter near track 32 at the Hbf...then stamp them days, weeks, or months later if you wish.
Small Town Boy
All this information is already on the Bayern Ticket wiki page.
i stand corrected. It is indeed valid till 3:00 AM.
Always buy mine from an MVV machine rather than a DB one so you are flexible on the dates.
You can buy a Bayern ticket from any S bahn ticket vending machine. Press the Bayern ticket button and then follow the instructions on the small screen, which can be in English if required. It asks you to enter the date you wish to travel, if you require a single or partner ticket, tells you how much cash you have to insert, then out it comes out already stamped.
Just seen something I didn´t know before. It is valid for groups of up to 5 persons OR parents/grandparents (maximum 2 adults) with UNLIMITED number of own /grandchildren under 15. Gets better and better.
If we have 3 adults, and 3 children (2, 3, and 5), we cannot travel together with only 1 Bayern Ticket, am I right?
The group consists of my family (2 adults 1 child) and my sister and her 2 children.
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