Things to do in Munich on a Sunday

"Other than English Garden and the Marine Platz"

hello! i live in Erding and i wanted to go to munich today with my husband and one year old daughter because its BEAUTIFUL out. but we are sure what is open today it being sunday. what can you do in munich on a sunday? other than english gardens and the marine platz? is the zoo open? can you go up in the olympic tower? all ideas welcome! thanks!
Shopping is very popular here on a Sunday as you will see from the many and varied posts on the topic.

Or you could go to the zoo at Thalkirchen which is also open
any idea how much it cost to take the train from erding to munich?
twenty five quid
what does that mean!?
The Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination, called the 'Quid', is a prototype for a possible future type of currency for use by space tourists. The idea behind the design was to create a possible form of currency that would have no sharp edges, no harmful chemicals, and be made out of a material that would stand up to the rigors of space travel. The Quid is made from teflon, and has rounded edges to prevent damage in low gravity environments ...
You need 25 quid and you will need a special permit because you are travelling from Erding.
Have you had your shots? When you get to Munich you have to go tho the KVR and get
the Marine Troops Inspection Certificate. Take someone along who speaks German if you're
Another suggestion would be to Google "Instructions for the Intrepid Traveller".
Please post and let us know how you get on.
This information might be of great interets to other forum members since it is a subject
that is seldom dealt with. Never end a sentence with a preposition.
I admire your courage and would like to help you with the salt.

You travel with s-bahn to munich. Buy a day pass for 18 euros for all the rings, and you can travel with daughter and husband for the whole day to wherever you want. You buy this card on the machine that stands next to the kiosk when you are next to the s-bahn station. "Fahrkarten" stands there. Ask someone standing around and they can help you. Tell them you need a day pass. If you want to travel anywhere other than munich, but in bavaria, you can buy a bayern ticket for 27 Euros.

I know this was on the 29th but this is meant for future reference.
... and the marine platz? ...
there's a place where marine's hang out. mmm, yummy. but maybe not really interesting for a one-year-old, right?
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