English-speaking work in Mannheim and Heidelberg

Tips on how to find such jobs in the area

Hello all

I am moving to Heidelberg from Australia in a month and am keen on any contacts, ideas that anyone has on english speaking work in Heidelberg, Mannheim or anywhere commutable from there.. My german is pretty basic but I am going to do an intensive course for a month on arrival so should be better soon.

Any advice welcome!

Thanks -
if there is no english speaking work around Mannheim or Heidelberg,you can try Mainz.improving your german will be a big boost,cause you may find an english speaking job but you can't escape the german clients.
viel gluck!!
it would help if you tell us what sort of skills you have and what sort of jobs you are looking for.
You could probably find work at an Irish pub or a bar quite easily. But is that the kind of job you want?
I am sorry to intrude on your thread, but I figure maybe this is a place to ask aswell.
I will be going to Germany for a year come November and will be looking for work after travelling Europe for 6-7 weeks.
I am not settling in any place, yet will live where there is work. However as close to Spaichingen as I could get would be best
as I have friends there. I speak english fluently and have been learning German for the past 2months and am continuing my studies
currently and will continue them whilst living in Germany. I have certificates in Welding and Fabrication, have worked in retail for the past
3 years and am very good with bicycles, building, maintaining and riding them. I am not fussy ont he work I have to do, but would love to
find something semi-permanent as if I can manage in Germany, I'd love to stay longer. Any help for me would be greatly appreciated also,
and again, sorry to intrude on your thread
Murphys Law in Mannheim are looking for staff again, you have to speak fluent English and Basic German
I know that Berlitz hires English-speaking teachers and there training is only for 2 weeks and then you can teach for them and the hours are really flexible...so maybe that would be an option for you. Good Luck!
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