Pacha Nightclub to move to the city center - Munich

Leaving it's current Haidhausen address

Editor Bob
According to the back page of today's AZ, the nightclub Pacha is set to change locations in Autumn 2005.

Pacha Munich is currently located on Rosenheimerstrasse, next door to the Kultfabrik and Optimolwerk nightlife arenas. With recent increasing competition amongst top Munich nightclubs, the management (Constantin Wahl and Michi Kern) have decided that they need a more central location. Apparently they have found a suitable venue and the contract will be signed any day now. The exact address is still top secret.

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Apparently there have been 50 new bars and clubs which have opened in Munich this year already. And in particular there has been a surge in the number of top nightclubs in the city center (eg. 8 Seasons, MaxSuite, Crowns Club).

When it first opened, four years ago, Pacha quickly established itself as a hang out of Munich's high society. The likes of Boris Becker, Oli Kahn, and Sarah Kern would often sip their Caipi's there. In recent years this shine has faded. The new Pacha venue will be only half the size of it's current address with the intention of re-establishing some of its exclusivisity.

Incidently, this coming Saturday (27.Nov.2004) is Pacha Munich's 4th birthday.

Some history: The original Pacha is located in Ibiza where it is the most famous club on the island. It was founded back in 1973 by Ricardo Urgell and his brother Pitri. Since then the two brothers have opened franchises all over Europe. There's now even a Pacha in Buenos Aries, Argentina and this December another will open in Marakech, Morocco.

Global website:
we love sundays @ pacha ibiza... only club i've ever been where when you walk in, the drug dealers come up to you with a smile, handshake and business card with cell# for drug delivery direct to your hotel room. still have the one from antonio, the 'hairdresser', shop open from midnight to 8am. in case you're desperate for a trim before sunrise. BWAHHA HAHA. classic ibiza.
chicken soup
did anyone else hear that pasha is possibly moving to the funf hoefe??
yep, saw it on a newspaper stand when i popped over to dentist this afternoon, looked pretty official that it's 5 Höfe
Editor Bob
If true then that would be good news for the Armani Café which currently suffers from a severe lack of walk-by trade.
I've been a member of the gym upstairs since before Tosscha arrived and there was a noticeable increase in the number of wankers in the area once they'd established themselves. Still, they've made a tasteful concrete beer garden in a courtyard surrounded by offices, which I'm sure somone will pay for if they move out.

My ex is a big club queen. 5 Höfe is what he said.

Pacha is very parvenu, I wouldn't be seen dead there.
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