Where to buy a second-hand bike in Germany

Do bicycle shops sell used bikes? Other sources?

Hi all,

I am living in Cottbus and am searching for a bicycle. Nobody (neither my german girlfriend nor her family nor friends) knows where one can purchase a second had bicycle other than the Fundbüro.

Do german bicycle shops not sell second-hand bikes?

I want a bike for about 50-70 euro. Just something that moves. I don't want to pay 150+ since I will only be in Germany until next January or February.

Anyone got any advice?

My girlfriend's mother will go to a Fundbüro next week to try get me a bike (since I will be out of the country with my girlfriend at the time so we cannot go). Does anyone know is the quality generally ok or could I end up with a bike that doesn't work? Also are the prices generally good or what?

Thanks for any help/advice,
Some of the bike shops 'round these parts sell second-hand bikes which they've taken in part-exchange, but not all do, and they don't necessarily advertise the fact (although one has the second-hand bikes lined up as you go into the shop so you can always see easily if there's a bargain to be had). Maybe worth just going into the shops and asking directly? Quality varies pretty much with price, but for about 20 euros you could probably get a serviceable wreck which would do you until the end of the year and would be unlikely to attract thieves.

An alternative may be a cheap and nasty bike from a Baumarkt - with 20% off this week at Praktiker then for about 60€ you could get a new bike. Probably 50€ on a second-hand bike from a bike shop is however money better spent.

Another alternative is looking in the classified ads in the local free paper(s).
PM FF-Chap maybe he can sort you out
Go to a flea-market or search the free newspapers that get stuffed in your mailbox. There are thousands for sale. Very surprised the natives don't know...but then again they probably never looked for a 2nd hand bike.
If you just need something to take you from place A to B, I suggest that you check flea markets! Dunno if you have them around in Cottbus, but Berlin is a short ride away on the weekend and has a few flea markets.
Just look around some more, plenty of bike shops sell second-hand bikes. I know... because we bought one.
My husband and I just bought bikes (110 and 145 euros) at the bike shop next to the movie theater that shows english films (I think the Harrison Ford movie is playing there now) - sorry, new in town so this is as good as I can come up with at the moment but maybe someone else can help out with street, etc. The guys at this shop are very helpful and they guarantee to buy the bike back for at least 1/2 of what you paid for it...this ultimately works for your budget.

If I can find the receipt then I will update the name of the shop, address, etc
Look out for local bike auctions. We got 7 bikes last year for 12 Euros. OK, we couldn't use them all, but with a bit of air in the tyres and tightening of the brakes... they're super!
Plenty of bike shops sell second hand bikes but quite erratically often - it can be just a matter of luck as to what they have when you visit.

There are plenty of other sources though - Spermüll (the Loot type advert magazine which is also on the web), local newspapers, end of season bike sales (in October) etc.
I bid on a bike last year at a bike auction held last year by Munich council. They were unclaimed bikes that had been removed from the city centre preceding the visit of the Pope.
Mine was a total piece of s**t for 20€ that we ended up abandoning ourselves on the streets of Munich for anyone to take... Saying that there were good ones there as well. I just ended up with a bum one myself
Somebody called...

Ya I got a bike for sale, cheap like the budgie, good nick.
I got it as an unwanted gift, meet me about midnight in the parkhaus

Gotta go...
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