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As a Patent Secretary you will ideally be a proactive and enthusiastic...

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Only two European countries pay women less than Germany: Estonia and Austria.
Stepping gingerly through the minefield of whether to use formal "Sie" or informal "du" with your colleagues is one of the toughest things about working in Germany for foreigners. But one firm wants to do away with it altogether.
The vast majority of Germans say that having a good working environment and a secure job is much more important to them than more money or the chance of getting ahead in a career, a survey has found.
Rob Joseph was stationed in Germany for years as a soldier in the British army. When he went home, he found himself feeling out of place – so he ended up taking an unlikely turn in his career.
It's been all over the news recently: politicians and other high-profile people putting a little extra gloss on their qualifications. Tom Ireland of StartupCVs investigates the extent of the problem - and how you can toy with the truth without feeling guilty.
German startups are attracting more international workers than ever before as they look forward to a bright future, a recently published industry survey shows.