Friday beer garden. 27th November. Simplicissimus. Haihausen

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Hello puny earthlings

This week we reserved a large chunk of Simplicissimus, in Haidhausen.

We have all the tall tables in the bar area booked in the name: Captain Darling.
They serve Augustiner beer! Isn't it?

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Newbies, as always, will be welcomed. And thoroughly integrated, should they so choose.
People start arriving from 6.45pm, building up to a big bar-filling bunch later.

Ian. 0172 7683510
Bar location: Balanstraße 12. See Map
Transport: S-Bahn Rosenheimer Platz or Tram 15/25. Bus 62 to Auerfeldstraße


5653033b601f0_christmasholly.png.cd35b2aNEXT WEEK Friday beergarden joins up with the big Toytown Noisy Christmas party.
Friday 4th December at Hotshot/Brandstetter in Schwabing. Please sign up so we know how many will be there.
Please pass this on to let everybody know about the big Christmas party. A bigger crowd is more fun.


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It's because, this time of year, finding 40-50 spaces gets trickier. Instead of making one phone call each week, we often need to make 2 or 3 before we get a space. So to reduce this burden, when we call up, and a place says it's full, we then ask about the following Friday or the one after that, and so on until we hit a vacant date. So we are often ready to go weeks in advance on the run up to Christmas.


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