Friday beer garden. 12th February. Marienne 'n' hof, Lehel

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Hello Berni Lookalikes,

This week we are trying something completely new (to us), Marienne 'n' Hof is on Mariennenstr. 1.
Every Friday its "Ladies-Night' - cocktails are €6.
We have the tall tables and the Bar area, the tables are booked in the name of "That Riviera Touch"


If it all goes terribly wrong, blame Robert.

As usual newbies are welcome, just turn up any time after about 6:34. Call or message if you can't find us.

See you there,


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1 hour ago, BittyBecca said:

Hello! I'm new to Munich and the Toytown community - is the Beergarten still taking place this week? How long does it usually last?

It takes place every week and lasts all evening, starting at around 7pm. See above for this weeks venue. :rolleyes:


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