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If you have spare Oktoberfest table reservations to get rid of, advertise them here.


If you're looking for a table reservation, also post your request here.


Note that table reservations are in very high demand. Spare seats will be snapped up very quickly. Requests for spaces will largely be in vain, although people have been known to get lucky in the past.


Disclaimer, also note:


When purchasing Oktoberfest beer or food vouchers offered on this forum be aware that there is no charge for the seat in the tent itself. The tents tend to come down hard on customers who charge for “tickets” to the Oktoberfest beside the vouchers' face value, or re-sell vouchers for more than face value, and subject the vendors to criminal prosecution. The vendor’s reservation and the vouchers are declared invalid, the vendor and purchaser are banned from the tent.


For small groups (less than six people) READ THIS FIRST:

As reservations are only possible for groups of six upwards, here is some free advice:


You should not have a big problem getting into one of the tents on most evenings (except Friday or Saturday) if there's only two or four of you. March up to the main or side entrance (if they don't have the signs up "Wegen Überfüllung geschlossen"), go inside and ask politely if you can join a party already at a table in the non-reserved section ("Ist hier noch Platz?"). Or just show two or four fingers and point at the table.


You'll be surprised how quickly you'll make new friends.


Sunday is generally more quiet than the other evenings, the out-of-towners are gone, it's the one evening the Fest belongs to Munich again. Friday and Saturday are almost but not quite hopeless.


If you do have to wait in the crowd, be clean, polite and sober. The doormen generally can estimate the alcohol level of applicants and are pretty strict about not letting drunken sots into the tents. Don't beg or whine, give them a friendly smile and stay patient. Keep on holding up your fingers so that they always know how many people are in your party.

(This information was provided by Whitney-Events in another thread.)


When responding to an ad please always reference the member you are answering as ads with spares are generally merged into this thread. You want to make sure that whoever has caught your eye actually knows that you want his/her available seats.


This discussion thread is for "wanted" and "for sale" ads only, and related questions. All other chat will be removed without notice.


And last but not least: To ensure full transparency, if you are advertising available reservations, be sure to list the day, time, tent, and asking price of the spaces/vouchers you are offering and what is included in this price.


You can check the tents' websites for the original price of your vouchers to avoid being ripped off. All tents are linked via oktoberfest.de (English).


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Got one seat left on my reserved tables for the following dates this year , 2016. The prices are face value aprox 35-45 euros and incl. the beers/ food. I know exact price when I get the invoices .


- thursday sept 22, Schottenhamel 15.15-18.15

-friday  sept 23 , Marstall, 15.00-18.00




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