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  1. Dayzee added a post in a topic: How to flabbergast a German   

    I was at the hair dresser and after finishing up my hair was still a little damp. Seeing as that I never blow-dry anyway because my hair is on the shorter side, I turned down this service from the stylist. She freaked out and kept insisting that I would get sick if I left the salon with damp hair. I told her that I would take that risk. The look of shock and horror was priceless! :D
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  2. Dayzee added a post in a topic: Freezer door broken - how to repair it   

    If it belongs to the landlord, then why don't you ask him to fix it for you?
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  3. Dayzee added a post in a topic: New in Frankfurt, Looking for cheap apartment/room   

    Hey Katharine,

    If you do not mind living in a shared apartment with other people then I suggest you try this web site. It tells you how many people are living in the apartment and if they are male/female. You can read through them and call or contact the person according to what they put in the ad. hope this helps:

    You can change the data accordingly to exactly what you are looking for.

    Good Luck
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  4. Dayzee added a post in a topic: Cheetos lovers   

    This won't help with the cheetos addiction, but for those of you dying for British/American foods you can order them here and have them shipped directly to you.

    Hope that helps some of you!
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  5. Dayzee added a post in a topic: Today is Friday the 13th   

    Bad luck only comes to those looking for it. ;)
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